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Male lap dancers bring their own poles.

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Having a gray day? Let your silver lining be a feast on these hot guys in gray.

Feeling blue? Warm up your day by checking out these hot guys in blue.

How can you have sex in public without getting arrested?
Play Pocket Pool!

See if you agree that some jobs indeed take two hands...

Do you know the difference between a pearl necklace and a golden necklace?

Men with "bedroom eyes" are sometimes begging for an eyeful.

Do you wear your cum-stained underwear as you shower off, or do you remove stains with piss?

Get a whiff of our manly-scented galleries: Ass sniffing, Armpit whiffing, Undergear sniffing,
and Cum in the nose.

Who has hotter sex? Guys in Love or Guys in Lust?

You've heard of “spit polishing” your shoes, but what about jizz polishing?
See our Footwear Fucking gallery.

What does the size of a man’s feet say about his cock?
See for yourself in our Feet in Context gallery.

“We’re just following ancient history; if I strip for you, will you strip for me?” —Adam Ant

“Say baby, uh, you got some film in that camera or are you just happy to see me?” —RuPaul

Who was it who said that no one is more fascinated by gay sex than a straight man?

You’ve heard of Pile Driver / Jackhammer fucking.  Here’s what all the fuss is over.

You’ve heard that sex burns calories, but did you know that mansex burns more?
See for yourself in the Power Fucking gallery.

Does having a finger up your ass make you gay?
Decide for yourself with our probe into Getting Fingered.

Check out all the sun-kissed guys on Nude Beach.

If you’ve been contemplating a tattoo, check out the inked studs in our Tattoo gallery.

How do other guys wipe up their splooge, and what do they do with their cumrags?
All is revealed in our Dirty Laundry gallery.

Do you have to have a Monster Dick or be a Geyser squirter to fuck your own mouth?
Check out the optimal positions in our Self Sucking and Eat Your Own galleries.

Go figure: when two guys come Dick2Dick, Double Jacking is often inevitable.

Perhaps these Shy studs ought to consider Camouflage clothing to really blend in.

Is it possible to fuck your own reflection?  Just ask these narcissistic Mirror Men.

A good sense of humor is always sexy—just ask the studs in our Laughing gallery.

Chain Fucking doesn’t actually involve Chains, except perhaps in a dungeon setting.

When a guy invites you to share a hot shower, make sure to ask if he means this kind or this kind.

You’ll find most of our macho mechanics in the Sex On Wheels gallery.
Those dirty guys could use a Nice Hose.

We wish there were more Hidden Cams in college dorms.

If you’re looking for cock close-ups, check out the Joey’s Eye View gallery.

Sometimes stereotypes are true:  Blonds do have more fun, Redheads are fiery lovers,
Cowboys are good for a roll in the hay, men with Glasses are smart lovers,
and Hairy Young guys are real teddy bears.

We’ve found that the best practice for cramming two dicks in your mouth
is Stuffing Your Face with one monster dick.

Which of these muscle flexers could you beat in an arm-wrestling match?
Light Weight, Middle Weight, or Heavy Weight