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Jessie Clinton: Do It Yourself - YouLoveJack

Jessie Clinton: Do It Yourself - YouLoveJack

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I'm not a size queen, but I have been impressed. And I'm certainly impressed with Jessie Clinton! This hot little stud is hung like a horse and he's limber enough to bend right over and take a lick or two... Because he can!

The video opens with Jessie groping himself on the couch. He's dressed in blue jeans and a dark blue t-shirt with a mermaid on the front (no comment!) and there's a look of steely determination on his face as he coaxes the blood into his 8 inch uncut cock.

He stands up and let's his jeans fall to the floor. He's still wearing green boxers and his massive cock can be seen in perfect outline as it strains against the thin fabric. Twitching as each beat of his heart sends more blood to his tool. Jessie takes a minute to tug on his cock through his underwear and really shows off that monster in his shorts before sitting back down.

He pulls the camera in a bit closer and spreads his legs as he continues to grope his cock through his underwear. He stops to tug on his nuts - stretching the sack to the left while his pulls his rod to the right... But enough with the tease! He shucks the waistband of his boxers down under his balls and pushes his mighty meat up for the camera. Showing it off in all it's glory.

He stares deliberately at his thick 8 inch tool while he slides his hand up and down the shaft. Delivering stroke after stroke of pleasure to his pole as he rolls his foreskin up and over the sensitive head. Beautiful.

Jessie stands up and drops his underwear to the floor then hops back on the couch. He grabs his cock and gives it a couple more strokes before checking the camera to make sure he's perfectly framed. Once he's satisfied with the shot he leans in takes a big wet lick of the head of his own cock! This hot little fucker is talented!

Apparently he likes it too... cuz he dives right back in for another mouthful of his own meat. Coating his cock head with spit over and over before coming up for air. His expression is filled with guilty pleasure as he looks down at his cock - still throbbing in his hand.

He pulls the camera in for some beautiful closeups as he goes down on himself over and over. Pulling on his shaft while stuffing his head in his mouth. Taking a break every once in a while to spit on his own knob - making sure it's glistening with slobber before diving in for another mouthful. And another...

Jessie leans back on the couch and brings a couple fingers to his mouth for some lubrication. Once his digits are shiney with spit he drops his hand to his ass and slides them inside his body. He's lost in the trance of sexual desire as his fingers penetrate his sensitive hole. Then with them buried deep inside he leans over one more time and slips the head of his cock into his mouth. Making himself water tight!

He stands up to show off his massive cock to the camera. It's not until he turns to the side that you really get a sense of how fucking huge this dude's dick is. It's just over 8 inches long and THICK with a perfect set of balls nestled at the base. A real thing of beauty!

He shows himself off from this angle for a bit then grabs his cock and leans over to take a lick or two. Or five! Over and over his head bobs on his own knob as lust takes control and Jessie is lost to the passion of the moment. He takes another step toward the camera and repeats the whole scene one more time. Ready for his close-up indeed!

Once he's satisfied with the show he flops back on the couch and takes a minute to watch himself in the camera's LCD monitor as he gently caresses his shaft. Coaxing a single drop of pre-cum from the head as he marvels at his own massive tool.

That's all he can take so he leans forward and drools a big long trail of spit on his cock then massages it into the sensitive skin of his cock head. Once he's polished his knob he heads for home and gets ready to shoot. His hand becomes a blur on his shaft as little chortling noise emerge from the back of his throat... This isn't going to take long!

He leans in and opens his mouth... expecting a huge blast of cum but only a tiny gurgle of jizz appears. He keeps stroking and the second stream of jizz glances off his chin and paints his t-shirt with a splat. Jessie keeps pumping his cock as the third stream erupts with fury and lands directly in his open mouth. The fourth stream oozes from his cock as the third drips down his chin. What a mess!

Jessie takes a moment to collect himself before he sits up and licks the remaining cum from his fingers. He takes a minute to show the camera the mess on his shirt before he licks his lips one last time and the show's over.

All of our homemade gay sex action videos are presented with NO DRM and they'll play on your iPhone so you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere! YouLoveJack rocks!

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