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Bobby Dale: Greed is Good - YouLoveJack

Bobby Dale: Greed is Good - YouLoveJack

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Model: Bobby Dale
Studio: You Love Jack
He's blond and cute and he can suck his own cock. You think that would be enough but Bobby Dale still needs more!

His rock hard 9 inch cock is dripping with precum as he finger fucks his perfect little asshole. His fingers are replaced by a huge transparent dildo before he throws his legs over his head and sucks himself off - shooting a huge load directly into his waiting mouth! Satisfaction!

Bobby's dressed in jeans and a t-shirt when the video opens and after fiddling with the camera a little bit he flops back on the couch with a look of eager anticipation on his face. This 23 year old blond is the very definition of twink and it's clear he's eager to get things started!

He reaches in his pants and pulls out a rock hard 9 inch cock and shows it off to the camera as he pushes it back and forth like a stick shift. Grinding the first jabs of pleasure through his rod from the tip to the base. His cock takes a graceful curve to his left and it's fucking beautiful!

Bobby puts his cock back in his pants pushes his jeans down around his ankles before sitting back on the couch in a pair of blue boxers. His cock is poking at the thin fabric of his shorts and after teasing the camera with a couple of strokes of his hidden masterpiece he let's it slip out the leg of his shorts. A quirky grin on his face confirms the pride he feels for his manhood!

He grabs the camera and pulls it in a bit closer while he starts to work on his 9 inch cock. A glistening jewel of precum has already formed at his piss slit and as he slowly rubs his hands along the thick shaft that glorious glob slips down the side of his cock head and forms a glistening spider web of desire as it settles and connects the sofa to his rod.

He continue to work his cock a bit longer and suddenly you realize - this guy kind of looks like a cross between Woody Harrelson and Macaulay Culkin. Sure, it's an odd combination but holy crap, this guy is cute! He watches himself in the camera's LCD monitor as he slowly works his meat. Grinning as the pleasure starts to build, as he anticipates what's coming!

Bobby ditches his pants and pulls his feet up on the couch before peeling off his white ankle socks before pushing his ass forward and exposing his little hole to the world. This twink is no stranger to butt love and he immediately starts to grind a finger into his ass. Grinning with a mix of mischief and desire. He pulls his legs up and spreads his cheeks wide for the camera - exposing his perfect asshole and bringing his rock hard cock in line with to his mouth. Then he does it...

He leans forward a little and takes a lick of his cock. Yup, this twink can suck his own cock! He has to reposition his hips a little bit to get a better run at that thing but he settles in and laps at that pole for a bit before remembering his asshole is lonely!

He reaches down and slips both of his index fingers inside his hole and spreads it wide open for the camera. He lets his cock fall out of his mouth as the intense pleasure of anal penetration hits him and he digs in for more. Once his ass is spread wide open he stuffs two fingers deep inside his body and starts the rhythmic motion that means pure pleasure.

Fingers are fun but this twink is a true bottom and he want's more, dammit! He reaches off camera and returns with a transparent butt plug and slides it easily into his asshole. He stops for a second while he adjusts to being filled from the outside then starts working that toy in and out of his hole. Gasping each time the wide base snaps in and out of his mangina.

Bobby stuffs the butt plug all the way in and lets it sit there while he checks out the action in the camera's LCD monitor. The transparent toy lets you see right through it and you can see his hole stretched wide open to accommodate the girth of the toy. It's fucking hot and he thinks so too! He reaches up and pushes that thing deeper inside his body as he rocks his hips into his hand and maximizes the pleasure he's creating.

He hops up on his knees with that butt plug still hanging out of his asshole and grabs a second dildo. This new one is shaped like a cock and he quickly pops on toy out and replaces it with another. This new transparent cock is bigger than the butt plug and as he stuffs it deep in his hole you can really see how wide open his hole is stretched to accommodate that monster!

He pushes his ass right up in the camera and shows off the toy stuffed deep in his hole. The base of that cock is like a glass bottom boat and you're really looking deep inside this twink's ass as he grabs his cock and milks out another ribbon of precum. This is so fucking hot!

Bobby flips back around and sits on the couch with his legs in the air as he works that cock in and out of his asshole. Fucking himself nice and slow as he holds up his massive cock for the camera's approval. His expression is lost in lust as he relentlessly fucks his hole with that rubber cock. Inching himself closer and closer to orgasm. This twink is getting close.

Suddenly he stops and takes a breath while he holds up his finger as if to say to the camera, "Wait, just a minute. I'm really close and I want this to last." Cutest ever!

Apparently he just wanted to hold off long enough to get into position and once he's recovered his composition his turns himself around on the couch and throws his legs over his head. It takes a second to find the right angle but before you know it he's aligned perfectly with his cock pointing right at his mouth while that dildo sticks out of his ass like some kind of ersatz antenna picking up radio free twink.

He's right ther so he reaches forward with his mouth and takes another couple of licks of his cock before the cum starts to spray. He aims that nozzle at his eager mouth and gobbles up as much of the piping hot protein as he can while his ass squeezes tight around the cock still in his hole. Shot after shot land on his tongue and lips as he eagerly laps at the air hoping for more.

Bobby lays there for a minute with his rock hard cock dangling inches from his cum covered lips. He snaps out of his daze and sits up to show off the jizz all over his cute face before settling back on the couch with a satisfied grin and a sigh.

All of our homemade gay sex action videos are presented with NO DRM and they'll play on your iPhone so you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere! YouLoveJack rocks!

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