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Alexi Fucks Bobby Dale - YouLoveJack

Alexi Fucks Bobby Dale - YouLoveJack

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Bobby Dale let us know he was totally into Alexi Bowman. Naturally we set these two up and let the sparks fly on camera!

Alexi pounds Bobby's hole like a pro then pulls out and cums in Bobby's mouth. Once he's done with that he flips his new buddy over and rims his ass while Bobby sucks a gallon of cum out of his own cock. That ought to hold him for a while!

The video starts with Alexi and Bobby sitting on the bed making out like crazy. There's real passion and fire in their eyes and you can tell they can't wait to get at each other! Alexi makes the first move and peels Bobby's shirt of his slim twink chest. Bobby returns the favor and before you know there's a pile of clothes on the floor and these two are going at it!

Bobby sucks Alexi's uncut cock for all he's worth - staring up at his new fuck buddy and begging for approval. Alexi just grunts a little bit and jabs his cock deeper in Bobby's mouth before pulling out and bending over for a mouthful of his buddy's tool.

He pulls the camera in nice and close as he lowers his head onto Bobby's enormous 9 inch cock. You can see Bobby in the background making sexy faces as he braces himself against the pleasure as his sexual fantasy is fulfilled! And how! After a couple minutes of knob gobbling Alexi stands up and guides Bobby back onto his cock for a couple more licks before joining him on the bed.

The new couple check to make sure the camera is catching every detail before diving back into their passionate make-out session. Bobby can't stop staring into his new lover's eyes and Alexi is digging the attention! He grinds his pelvis into Bobby's cock and balls before pulling Bobby's legs over his head and loosening up his hole with a couple of meaty fingers.

Bobby is a true bottom and you can tell by his expression he's in heaven as Alexi drives his thick Eastern-European digits deep in his hole. He stares lovingly up at Alexi as he obediently endures the preparation for Alexi's rock hard cock.

Once Bobby's ass is ready Alexi hops up on Bobby's chest and guides his cock into Bobby's mouth for some last minute cock sucking while he gets out a condom. He pops his cock out of Bobby's hungry mouth and slides that rubber onto his throbbing member while Bobby watches with eager anticipation.

Alexi positions his boner right up against Bobby's hole and drives his cock deep with a single thrust. Bobby grunts then grabs his ankles and hangs on for dear life as Alexi starts the rhythmic pounding of his buddy's tight little hole. He uses deep slow thrusts at first and the camera is right there for every detail as his cock disappears in Bobby's ass over and over. Fucking hot!

He moves the camera around to the side a little and really starts pounding on Bobby's ass. Bobby takes every lick and just stares up at Alexi - stroking his own rock hard member in perfect time with Alexi's every move. Alexi checks himself out in the camera as he pounds that ass and grins in approval but never stops the motion of his hips against Bobby's ass.

Alexi grabs the camera and let's us see the scene from his point of view. He points it straight down for a beautiful shot of his uncut cock disappearing in Bobby's asshole. The detail is fantastic as he slides his cock in and out of his buddy's body, maximizing the pleasure they both feel and capturing every detail on video!

He pans up Bobby's beautiful twink body and focuses on Bobby's blue eyes for a second before letting the camera drift back down to his own cock. His breathing gets heavier as he pounds his rod into Bobby's hot little ass and it's clear this top is enjoying every second of this! He turns the camera back on his own face and a cocky little grin signals that he's ready to keep this party moving!

He pulls out and repositions Bobby doggy-style on the bed before taking him from behind. Alexi leans forward pushes down on the small of Bobby's back and drives his cock deeper into Bobby's asshole. Bobby strokes his own massive cock as he watches all the action on the camera's LCD monitor. His eyes rolling back in his head as the pleasure takes control.

Alexi grabs the camera and puts it on the floor pointing up at Bobby's quivering asshole. Once he's got the shot lined up just right he climbs on top of his twink and drives his cock deep inside his body. His balls slap against Bobby's backside and create an ersatz rhythm section as the camera catches every detail - Bobby's ass stretched to the max by Alexi's rock hard cock as that rod slides mercilessly in and out of his body. Just the way he likes it too!

It doesn't take long and Alexi's getting ready to shoot. He pulls out of his buddy's asshole and aims his cock at Bobby's mouth. Bobby is eager for that load and starts lapping at Alexi's nuts, the whole time staring into Alexi's eyes like he's begging for that load. And this is something Alexi is more than happy to provide.

Alexi gives a couple of quick tugs on this cock then points it square at Bobby's lips as the cum starts to fly. Bobby gobbles down what he can straight from the tap and the rest splatters across his face. As soon as the cum stops Bobby pounces on Alexi's cock and savors the last drops of cum as he looks longingly up at his crush. Good little twink!

Alexi leans down and kisses Bobby deep an hard - tasting his own load on Bobby's lips and tongue. This is a tender loving moment between as these two snowball Alexi's load around between their mouths and living in the moment before Alexi remembers it's Bobby's turn!

He flips Bobby over and drives his tongue deep in Bobby's asshole - filling the void where his cock once lived! Bobby let's his cock dangle right in front of his own mouth and has just enough time to reach up and give a couple little puppy dog licks to his cock head before his own load starts shooting out of his cock and he's drowning in his own jizz!

Alexi sees his buddy is starting to cum and this energizes his rimming efforts - He drives his tongue deep into Bobby's asshole as Bobby's eyes pop wide open and the cum starts to shoot harder, faster, longer! Before you know it the cum has filled up this poor little twink's mouth and it's dripping out the sides!

Alexi keeps tongue fucking that hole for a full minute after Bobby's orgasm ends and when he finally comes up for air Bobby is in twink heaven! Alexi sees his buddy's face is covered in more cum so he dives in there and licks up the cum off of Bobby's face and kisses him with a mouthful of his own cum. These two can't get enough of each other!

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