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Joey & Marcus: He's Not That Straight! - YouLoveJack

Joey & Marcus: He's Not That Straight! - YouLoveJack

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Models: Joey and Marcus
Studio: You Love Jack
Marcus is straight. Not "gay porn site straight" but really straight. He admits he let another dude suck him off in the past but he's never had a cock in his mouth.

Joey can't wait to guide his new straight buddy through all the ins and outs of cock sucking and even gives him his first rim job before getting Marcus to lick his balls while he shoots his load. Joey returns the favor and before you know it this once "really straight" guy is blowing his load while another dude sucks his balls!

They're sitting on the bed making out as the video starts (do straight guys make out with other guys?) and it doesn't take long before Marcus stands up and strips bare naked while his new gay buddy watches with admiration. As soon as he's naked he takes a step toward Joey and Joey's mouth meets his cock half way.

Marcus is hard in an instant so Joey applies his expert cock sucking skills to the situation - bobbing his head back and forth on Marcus's rock hard knob before swallowing the thing to the base. Marcus is left gasping for air and can't believe the excellent blow job he's getting from this tight little sporty twink.

He pulls the camera in a bit close while Joey continues to go to town on his cock. Everything is captured in brilliant detail as Joey worships Marcus's cock and balls - slobbering all over the shaft as his gorfs that knob like it's his last meal! Marcus remebers the golden rule and pops his cock out of Joey's mouth and gets on his knees. Turnabout IS fair play!

Joey pulls his big curved cock out of his pants and Marcus dives on that monster and gives the head a lick or two before guiding Joey out of the rest of his clothes. Once he's got him naked he goes to town on Joey's cock to the best of his abilities. Like most straight guys he don't know from sucking cock but he's seen it done enough times to give it the ol' college try!

Marcus looks up at Joey for approval as he pushes as much of that thick cock in his mouth as he can take. Up and down he goes like a good little cock sucker before letting Joey's cock slide out of his mouth and hang there so he can admire that thick masterpiece. His mouth is still connected to his new buddy by strands of his own spit so he follows that path back to his reward and chows down one more time while Joey lets out a little grunt of appreciation.

Joey's hungry for more cock so he pulls his dick out of Marcus's mouth and pushes his buddy back on the bed and proceeds to blow this helpless "straight" guy's mind. First he swallows it all the way down to the base before pulling off and swirling his tongue around the head - looking up at Marcus for approval. But Marcus is in his own personal pleasure heaven and his eyes are closed - a dreamlike expression on his face as he savors every second of Joey's excellent cock skills. Joey keeps up the good work before moving on to more interesting pastures...

He repositions himself between Marcus's legs as he pushes his legs in the air and brings his mouth to Marcus's virgin hole. The look on Marcus's face is priceless as he experiences his first ever rim job! Part serious, part shocked but pure pleasure as his mouth drops open and his eyes open wide as if to confirm the overwhelming pleasure he's feeling. He catches site of himself in the camera's LCD monitor and watches intently as Joey goes to town eating out his hole and poking his tongue deep inside his body.

Marcus moans deeply and now feels the need to vocalize his appreciation of Joey's talented tongue as it slithers around his asshole. He takes a quick gasp of air and manages to mutter "Fuck, that feels so good" as he battles to keep his sanity as his body takes him to new levels of ecstasy. Joey dives in for one more mouthful of ass before crawling up Marcus's body planting a big wet kiss on his mouth - forcing Marcus to taste his own ass on his lips.

Marcus flips Joey around and dives on his big curved cock one more time. He stops to look at that monster before guiding into his mouth then sliding it back out. He pulls the camera in for a divine close-up and watches himself as he guides that curved monster back into his mouth. He pushes it in as far as he can and gags just a little bit before letting it slide back out. A little tear forms at his eye as the natural result of trying to force a cock down your throat and he looks up to Joey for approval.

Joey guides his face to his balls and grabs his cock. All this cock sucking has got him close and he's ready to bust so he transforms his new straight cock sucking buddy into a ball lick and goes to work on his own tool. All it takes is a couple of big wide and wet licks from Marcus and the cum starts to fly!

Marcus keeps his tongue attached to Joey's balls for the entire orgasm - 5 big long shots of cum that splatter all over Joey's belly and ooze down the big curve of his veiny shaft. Marcus just stares at his buddy's cock with longing as he's caught in the trance of desire. Joey bucks and bounces on the bed as Marcus swoops in for one more lick of Joey's balls after the cum has stopped flying. Holy shit, these two are hot together!

But it ain't over yet - it's Marcus's turn to get off so Joey hops up on his knees and guides Marcus's cock back into his mouth. Marcus repositions the camera for a beautiful close-up as Joey worships his uncut shaft and throbbing dick head. He bounces and swirls on that thing swallowing it all to the base as his tongue twirls around the shaft inside his mouth. Marcus can only groan in appreciation as the best blowjob of his life continues to unfold below his waist.

He pushes the camera back so they can both be seen and let's Joey continue to work on his cock and balls. He's deep in the pleasure trance and his expression is begging for release but relishing the experience every step of the way. He brings one hand up to the back of Joey's head and holds it still while he starts to rhythmically pump his hips and face fuck his buddy.

Joey indulges this dominant behavior for a couple minutes before pushing Marcus back on the bed and going to work on his nuts. Gentle puppy-dog licks covered in man spit are applied to Marcus's sack with instant results. Marcus's whole body tenses as his orgasm unfolds and Joey backs away a little bit for fear he might get his eye poked out! Three quick blasts of cum paint Marcus's furry belly and the forth paints its way down the veiny shaft of his uncut cock. Joey chuckles a little bit as he sees his buddy release and he glances up and catches Marcus's eye with a sly grin as this scene comes to a close.

Joey looks on with admiration as his buddy's orgasm comes to a rolling stop then he glances up and catches Marcus's eye with a smug satisfaction and they acknowledge the how fucking hot it was to get off together. Pure animal attraction unleashed as a straight guy tries his hand at cock sucking for the first time and it's one of the hottest scenes to ever appear on YouLoveJack!!

All of our homemade gay sex action videos are presented with NO DRM and they'll play on your iPhone so you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere! YouLoveJack rocks!

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