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Scott Cameron Reloaded - YouLoveJack

Scott Cameron Reloaded - YouLoveJack

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There's only one thing better than a nerdy twink. And that's a nerdy twink that can suck his own cock!

back with a new look but he's as cock hungry and limber as ever! He pulls his rock hard cock out of his pants and shows it off with a smirk before bending right over and licking his own cock head. He slobbers all over his knob until he can taste his own precum then turns his attention to his asshole. He fucks himself with three fingers and a butt plug before squirting a thick load of cum all over his belly and gobbling up every last drop of delicious jizz!

The video opens with Scott stroking his rock hard cock inside his pants. You can clearly see the outline of his thick shaft as he unbuttons his jeans and stretches the thin fabric of his boxers around his cock. He teases the camera with his barely hidden tool before reaching inside and helping himself to a handful of pecker.

He pulls his 7 inch cock out of his shorts and shows it off for the camera. He's got a beautiful perfectly formed cock head that sits atop a thick and straight shaft and heavy balls. He gives his cock a couple of strokes as he smirks down at the camera. Cocky and confident as he imagines what's coming next...

Scott stands up and pushes off his pants and underwear then stands over the camera as his hard cock bobs back and forth in the lens. His look is coy and frisky as he teases the camera with his manhood before demonstrating his special talent. He bends right over and takes a big wet lick of his cock head. Yup, this nerdy twink can suck his own cock!

He flicks his tongue back and forth across the sensitive skin of his cock head and covers it with glistening spit before sitting back on the couch. He holds that shaft up for the camera as he smiles a satisfied smile. Now that everyone knows his secret there's no need to hide it so he bends right over and sucks his cock some more!

The camera comes in for a magnificent close-up of the self-suck action as he laps at his cock head until the precum starts to flow. A delicate string of glistening precum forms between his tongue and his cock head and he stretches it until it snaps then dives back on his cock for some more. This dude is totally into sucking his own cock but he's got more in mind!

He pulls his mouth off his own cock and lifts his legs to expose his tight little asshole. He gives the camera an enthusiastic look as he reaches for the lube and slicks up his fingers before bringing them confidently to his asshole. Easily sliding one finger in to the second knuckle then digging around down there. Loosening his ass and getting it ready for more.

One finger is replaced by two as he buries his digits deep inside his asshole. Spreading them wide once they're inside in an effort to open himself up... Two fingers are replaced by three and it's clear this nerdy twink is all about getting fucked! He slides three fingers out of his asshole and spreads his cheeks to show off his handy work. His asshole is bright red and gaping open as if begging to be filled one more time. And he's happy to oblige!

He coats a transparent butt plug with lube and guides it into his well prepared asshole. Sliding it all the way to the hilt with a single push and moaning softly as it nestles itself deep inside his body. He check's the camera's LCD monitor to see how he looks with that thing hanging out of his asshole and a sly little smirk peels across his face. This nerdy twink is totally into violating his asshole and it shows!

He sits back up with the butt plug buried in his ass and shows off his rock hard cock for the camera one more time. Standing tall and proud as he bends down and slobbers all over his cock head one more time. Tasting the delightful mix of skin, lube and precum that cock suckers love so much! He sits up and starts working on his cock with abandon. This twink needs to get off and he's on his way...

He gives his cock a few strokes and the cum starts to fly in thick ropes that coat his belly with swirly white goodness. 3 huge blasts fly out of his cock and leave his convulsing and gasping for breath. The camera comes in for a close-up of that load and you can actually see the delicious swirls of semen as his cum cools on his belly. Fucking beautiful!

Turns out Scott's hungry too and he reaches down and brings his shirt to his lips and gobbles down every last drop of his cum. He sucks the fabric dry and scoops up any extra drops that landed on his hips and licks his fingers clean. Job well done!

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