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Brian & Enzo - YouLoveJack

Brian & Enzo - YouLoveJack

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Models: Brian and Enzo
Studio: You Love Jack
Enzo is straight but he's curious to try something with another dude. Brian's a verbal bottom that can't get enough cock. Something tells me that these two are going to get along just fine!

Enzo pumps his cock in and out of Brian's throat and makes the poor little cock sucker gag. Brian sticks with it and swallows Enzo's cock to the base before drinking his load straight from the tap! Enzo surprises us all by tasting his first cock before letting Brian cum in his mouth! What did curiosity do to that cat again?

Let's face it. There are straight guys, and there are "straight" guys. It seems that lately the "straight" guys we run into have no problem fucking around with gay guys. Sure, they're into girls (not that there's anything wrong with that) but their sense of seuxal adventure doesn't stop them from trying anything new. ANYTHING!

Enzo is a bit reluctant when the video starts and he's a little shocked when Brian leans in and starts to kiss him. For sure he's not into kissing dudes but he goes with it and exchanges a few minutes of open mouth kisses with his new buddy. Brian doesn't waste much time with pleasantries and quickly unbuckles Enzo's pants and pulls them off.

He dive's on Enzo's cock straight away and gives it a couple of big wet licks before slipping it into his mouth as his tongue swirls around Enzo's uncut cock head. Enzo is a bit floored and he lets his head fall back with a sigh as his blowjob gets started.

Brian pushes his head down on his buddy's boner and tries to get as much in his mouth as possible. Enzo pushes his head down on his cock and crams his dick in Brian's mouth with short little jabs. Brian gags just a bit then pulls off with a determined grin, spit already dripping down his chin.

Enzo stands up and holds Brian's head steady with both hands as he pumps his hips and forcefully fucks Brian's wanton face. Brian just stares up at his straight cock master and lets his mouth be used for his pleasure. Enzo stares down at Brian as his cock disappears in his mouth and Brian swallows it all the way down.

Brian grabs Enzo's ass and pulls his hips into his face as he opens his throat and swallows that beautiful uncut cock all the way to the base. Showing this straight guy what a deep throat feels like! Enzo gives a little pump of his cock deep inside his buddy's throat before Brian pulls off with a satisfied grin on his face. Grinning like a cock slut!

Brian stands up and pulls out his own cock and judging by the look on Enzo's face it's obvious that he's curious. Brian grins and asks Enzo if he want's to try sucking his cock. Enzo smirks and shrugs his shoulders as he's kneeling down and opening his mouth! Straight dude is gonna suck a cock!

You ever notice that when straight guys are sucking cock they treat cocks like they're little baby birds or something? Like seriously, gay dude attack a cock like it's their last meal. Bobbing their heads back and forth and swallowing as much of that thing as possible. Not straight guys. They wrap their mouth around it delicately and carefully move their head about an inch at a time!

Well when you see Enzo sucking cock it's clear that he's straight! You can tell that he's into it and doesn't mind giving back to his buddy but he's acting like he's afraid he's going to break Brian's cock. Brian just grins down at his straight cock sucker and let's Enzo explore his cock with his virgin mouth. You can tell Brian is getting a charge out of seeing a straight dude on his knees but he's cock hungry as hell so he stands Enzo up and gets back to work.

He attacks Enzo's cock with a renewed sense of purpose and drives his cock deep inside his throat. His face flushed and spit running down his chin as he swallows that cock over and over. Stopping to tongue his buddy's foreskin and tease his swollen cock head before swallowing the pole one more time.

Enzo can't take much more and tells Brian he's gonna cum soon. Brian sits him down and the couch and asks him to cum right in his mouth. Enzo replies, "Ya? You want me to cum in your mouth baby?" Brian just positions himself by Enzo's cock with his mouth open. That answer your question?

Enzo gives his cock a couple of strokes and shoots his load directly onto Brian's tongue. Stream after stream of sticky straight load shoot directly into the hungry cock sucker's mouth. Dribbling down his chin and back onto Enzo's cock. Brian slurps up every last drop of that precious liquid before grinning up at his buddy. Nice job!

Brian flops back on the couch and starts to work on his own cock. Enzo awkwardly lends a hand - not really knowing what to do but wanting to help! He rubs his balls and watches as his cock sucker gets himself off. Brian's getting close and as he's just about to shoot Enzo surprises us all!

The straight guy leans in with an open mouth and lets Brian shoot his load in his mouth! No fucking kidding! Brian explodes into Enzo's mouth with a grunt and Enzo keeps on sucking. He pulls his mouth off for just a second as a delicate string of cum stretches from Brian's cock head to his tongue! Straight guy just ate a load of cum!

He teases Brian's cock with his mouth for a while longer before grabbing his tool and giving it a couple of quick tugs. Brian's cock is so sensitive he bucks back and forth on the couch and almost screams with the overwhelming pleasure... Take it easy on that cock straight guy!

The two buddy's collapse in a heap and grin at each other. Gay sex is fun!

All of our homemade gay sex action videos are presented with NO DRM and they'll play on your iPhone so you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere! YouLoveJack rocks!

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