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Matt Evans: Room With a View - YouLoveJack

Matt Evans: Room With a View - YouLoveJack

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Model: Matt Evans
Studio: You Love Jack
The first thing Matt Evans did when he checked into his hotel room was to set up his brand new HD video camera and whip out his rock hard cock!

He kicks off his pants and wags his perfect 7 inch cock at the camera before stuffing two fingers deep inside his ass. The whole thing is shot in beautiful HD video and the camera captures every detail as this handsome little twink shoots his load all over his own face then licks up that mess with a smile!

Matt sets up the camera then sits back on the edge of the king size bed in his hotel room. He stuff his hand inside the waistband of his jeans and gropes his cock a couple of times before standing up and pushing off his jeans. His movements are gentle and tentative but his cock is rock hard and already poking at the thin fabric of his boxer shorts.

He continues to play with his 7 inch cock inside his underwear for a bit - taking time to tease the camera by stretching his underwear over the thick shaft and smirking as he watches himself in the HD camera's LCD monitor. His cock is begging to be free and eventually slips out of the waistband so Matt pushes his boxers off and sits bare-ass on the bed.

He gives himself a couple of strokes before sliding back on the bed so he can get more comfortable. He grabs the camera and positions it on the bed right between his legs as he continues work his pole. Staring down at the camera and smirking with desire as he shows off his delicious cock and balls.

He puts the camera back on the TV stand and lays back on the bed while he jacks himself off. His toes wiggle and stretch as the pleasure begins to mount. He puts his arm behind his head and just relaxes - totally natural and unrehearsed! This young man is fucking beautiful!

Matt is all horned up now so he scoots to the front of the bed and pulls his legs up to reveal his perfect puckered asshole to the camera. He pulls his hips up and examines himself in the HD camera's LCD monitor as he spreads his cheeks wide. Grinning as he grabs the bottle of lube and coats his fingers in the slippery stuff before driving his finger easily inside his asshole.

His eyes roll back in his head as he prods his finger around deep inside his hole and explores his body from the inside! He checks the hd camera one more time and pulls it in for a close-up as he spreads his cheeks wide one more time to show off that hole.

With the camera right up in his guts he slowly works a finger back inside his body and digs deep to maximize the pleasure. He pulls his finger out slowly and spreads his hole wide for the camera before pushing two fingers inside his body and stretching his hole wide. He slides his fingers in and out and works his asshole like a pro. Stroking his rock hard cock with his free hand as he drifts off to erotic paradise.

He slides back on the bed again and puts his HD camera on the side table while he gives his cock a couple of tugs before hopping up on his knees and sticking his asshole right up in the camera. He bends around and checks out the action as he spreads his cheeks wide and slides two fingers back inside his body.

Matt flips on over on his back and grabs the camera and points it at his own cock as he lays back and enjoys the ride. His 7 inch cut cock is super thick at the base and the shaft curves gracefully up to a perfectly proportioned head. He glides his hand over the sensitive skin as he holds the camera and you're seeing his cock from his own perspective - and it's an amazing sight!

He's getting close to he puts the camera back on the side table and settles in for his orgasm. Once he's got the shot set up the way he likes it he turns his attention back to his own cock and before you know it this gorgeous little twink is bucking back and forth on the bed and gasping for air as his orgasm slams his body hard.

The first shot hits him square in the right eye socket. This is a bit of a shock so he squeezes his eye closed to avoid the inevitable sting as the second blast hits him square on the chin. The sperm is dripping off his face in gobs as the third and fourth shots coat his black t-shirt in a glistening mess of delicious twink juice.

He takes a second to catch his breath before he chuckles with a gasp as is to say "I can't fucking believe how good that felt!" He sits up and shows off the sticky mess on his t-shirt and the glistening reminder of the cum that coated his face. He looks up and to the right as he considers something for a moment then centers his mouth in the frame then pulls down his bottom lip to reveal a secret message...

He's got a tattoo on the inside of his lip that reads: "BITE ME!"

I don't mind if I do...

All of our homemade gay sex action videos are presented with NO DRM and they'll play on your iPhone so you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere! YouLoveJack rocks!

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