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Joe Plummer - YouLoveJack

Joe Plummer - YouLoveJack

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Model: Joe Plummer
Studio: You Love Jack
Joe Plummer wanted to make a video for YouLoveJack to "push his boundaries..." and who are we to stand in his way!? Push away, buddy!

This smooth and hung straight guy is into fucking ass but according to Joe, "Just because I take my women from behind doesn't make me gay!" We have to agree, but it sure does raise a few questions...

As the video starts, Joe's peeling his t-shirt off to reveal his fit and smooth chest. He isn't a slave to the gym so his body is natural - fit with a little bit of meat on it... Just the way we like it! He sits back as he stuffs his hand inside his jeans and strokes his bare chest for a second before undoing his belt and reaching inside his pants for a handful of cock. After a couple of quick tugs in the dark he peels his pants off and throws them aside.

He's wearing loose fitting boxers and as he settles back on the couch you can see right up the leg. His balls are in plain view as he reaches in the fly to coax his cock to full attention. He keeps a careful eye on himself in the camera's LCD monitor as he rubs and strokes his bulge. Hitting all the right spots as he grins and enjoys the familiar feeling.

This does the trick and before you know it his massive 8 inch cock is snaking its way out of the leg of his boxers. His uncut rod is massively thick with a beautifully shaped head atop a shaft that curves slightly to the right. He pulls the camera a little closer as he takes that monster in his hand and gives it a gentle stroke.

This guy is all about showing off and a cocky grin slides across his face as he wraps his hands around his dick and gives his equally huge balls a squeeze. His tackle is hanging shamelessly out the leg of his boxers as he begins his perfect routine of self satisfaction.

Joe pulls of his nerdy glasses, throws his legs in the air and exposes his butt to the lens as he peels off his boxers. At first it's all cheeks but as he wrestles with getting his shorts over his bare feet his cheeks open wide for a delicious view of his straight asshole. And it's a beauty!

Now that he's bare-ass naked his relaxes and slowly strokes his huge cock while he checks himself out. There's a cocky attitude that he projects that is super-hot. It's a genuine confidence provided by the combination of a perfect athletic body and gigantic perfect cock. Nothing put on here... just a gorgeous straight dude getting off on himself and it's fucking hot!

Joe pushes the camera back a bit and relaxes back on the couch with one foot up. His cock is at full attention and stands straight up without any help as an enduring symbol of his libido. He gives himself a satisfied look and then grabs that cock and slowly starts to stroke his shaft. Rolling his sensitive foreskin up and over the head. Waves of pleasure course through his body and cause his toes to wiggle with delight...

He grabs a nearby bottle of lube and pulls his feet up to expose his asshole to the camera. Wait a minute — I thought you liked fucking bitches in the ass, Joe!? Well, it turns out what's good for the goose is good for the gander and Joe dives right in!

He squirts a glob of lube on his asshole and spreads it around liberally while he continues to stroke his rock hard member. All the cockiness is gone from his expression now... he's no longer showing off but he's lost in the moment as he brings his finger slowly to his hole.

Joe points his index finger deliberately at his puckered hole and gently pushes it easily inside his body. The camera is set up perfectly and you can see his digit disappear inside his asshole nice and slow as his expression snaps from desire to pure ecstasy in an instant. He turns his attention back to his cock and holds it up as he strokes the shaft. He's rock hard and way into what he's doing... This is fucking hot!

He reaches out with his foot and drags the camera closer as he spreads his cheeks and really shows off his puckered hole. His massive cock stands impressively above his hole as he gives himself a couple of tugs for good measure. He checks himself out again in the camera before bringing his finger slowly to his hole one more time. Brilliant view of this straight dude slipping his finger up inside his guts. Beautiful penetration!

He pops his finger out of his ass then spreads his cheeks for one more show of his nether regions. His ass is used to the finger and gapes wide open for a split second before snapping shut and puckering tight for the camera. A satisfied grin creeps across this straight dude's face as he holds his cock up for one more round of show off before getting to the business at hand.

The smooth skin of his dick head shines as his hand picks up the pace and he works himself towards orgasm. He still has time to play around a bit though and as he sees himself in the camera's LCD he grins and flops that dick back and forth... grinning down at camera like he's playing with some bitch who was sucking him off. It's a little bit degrading yet a whole lot hot and I'm comfortable with both sides of that coin!

And like that his concentration snaps back to himself and his hand becomes a blur on his cock. His body tenses and his breath comes in short gasps as he lets his head fall back and enjoys the sensation. Soon the gasps turn to grunts and his hips start bucking on the couch as he slams his cock into his own hand. Every action determined to force a sticky load from his huge straight balls.

Joe's body bucks and thrashes back and forth on the couch as the orgasm takes control. Every muscle is tight and he's helpless to the pleasure until his load has decorated his perfect smooth belly. By the time it's over he's out of breath and staring at the mess with wonder.

His cock is still rock hard and standing straight up when he snaps out of it and that sheepish grin finds its way back onto his beautiful face. He checks himself out for a quick second before sitting up and showing off that glistening load.

All of our homemade gay sex action videos are presented with NO DRM and they'll play on your IPOD so you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere! YouLoveJack rocks!

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