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Charlie Jack - YouLoveJack

Charlie Jack - YouLoveJack

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This a street-wise little punk is packing tons of attitude and enough sex appeal to keep you coming back for more. He's 100% straight but I'd never hold that against him!

There's no mistaking it — Charlie Jack is hot as hell! That tight little body, those big blue eyes... That fucking thick 7 inch cock! If guys like this grew on trees we'd all be farmers!

Charlie's dressed in jeans and t-shirt as the video begins. He seems to be holding back a grin as he massages his cock and balls through the thick denim. It doesn't take long before a cocky smirk finds its way onto his face and he pulls up his shirt to show off his bare chest. This dude might be straight but he's got no problem with a bunch of gay guys getting off on him!

He stuffs his hand inside his pants and gives himself a good grope before undoing his belt and pushing his pants down around his ankles. His cock is rock hard already and straining against the thin fabric of his boxers as he sits back and gets a bit more comfortable.

Charlie reaches down and grabs his cock through his underwear. Pulling it up and showing off the size and even though it's still covered you get the idea this straight guy is packing serious hardware. A couple more gropes and his cock starts poking out the leg of his shorts.

He's right into showing off and his eyes are glued on himself as he pulls his cock and balls all the way out of the leg of his shorts and shows off the length of his 7 plus cut inches. His cock is perfectly formed with a nice thick shaft and beautiful mushroom head. Perfectly formed and delicious from across the room!

His attitude kicks in again and he takes on a gruff expression as he starts to slowly stroke his meat. He's not nervous — this is all about ownership. Like you can look, but don't touch!

He kicks off his boxers and pulls the camera in a bit closer. His nuts are hanging low as his gorgeous piece of meat reaches for the sky. His beautiful face looks on with lust from the background as he expertly massages a single drop of precum out of his perfectly straight shaft.

Charlie spins around and makes himself more comfortable on the couch — showing off a nice side view of his cock. There's no doubt this guy is turned on and he doesn't hide a thing. He casually watches himself as he gently fingers his shaft with the perfect amount of pressure after years of practice.

He pulls the camera in a bit closer and grabs his cock for some rough tugs as he watches on. His face a stoic masterpiece of pleasure and attitude. There's nothing gentle about his actions now and his balls bounce furiously below his massive cock as his hand becomes a blur and the pleasure starts to spread through his body. His mouth drops open just a touch as his face takes on the expression of a horny young dude in a sexual trance of self love. Fucking beautiful!

Charlie ditches his t-shirt and reaches for a bottle of lube. The camera is right up in his crotch as he pours the lube all over his head and shaft... Delicate little spider webs of slippery goodness drip down and pool on his balls before finding their way onto the couch. He scoops up as much as he can and spreads it liberally over his cock.

He hops up on his knees as he continues to work his glistening shaft — stopping every few strokes to squeeze his balls and tug on his nut sack. From this angle you get a great view of his stocky little frame and the light covering of fur on his chest. He's completely lost in what he's doing and it's fucking beautiful to see such a hot little straight guy getting off in private!

Charlie pulls the camera in close again and throws his legs up to show off his perfect little virgin hole. A tiny little pucker that's only ever been an exit. He looks down at the camera and checks out his own anatomy before reaching for his rock hard cock and pulling it up to show it off at the same time.

With his legs still in the air, this cocky straight dude looks right at the camera and starts jacking off again. The most unnatural position in the whole world and this cocky little son of a bitch makes it look hot as hell!

He flips back up to a sitting position and says, "You guys wanna see me cum?" Followed by, "Hm?" as if there was any question! And with that he begins the furious pace of hand to cock that brings him right to the edge. His hand is a blur as he concentrates and inches closer to relief.

Charlie whispers, "I feel it... I feel it coming." His hand remains a blur. "It's coming out..." he looks directly in the camera and gasps before saying "Here it comes!" His body convulses one last time before the cum starts to fly.

The first stream shoots straight forward from his cock and rains down with a thud on the carpet. A couple more strokes and the second stream lands on his belly, followed by another which splatters again on the carpet. The last two streams fall down around his nuts as Charlie is left a quivering mess on the couch. He's completely spent and it takes a couple of deep 0breaths for him to recover.

But he snaps right out of it and all of that cocky attitude is replaced by the cutest little grin as he reflects on the mess he just made. The transformation is remarkable — apparently all he needed was to get off. He should have just said so!

All of our homemade gay sex action videos are presented with NO DRM and they'll play on your IPOD so you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere! YouLoveJack rocks!

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