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Nicky Blacklock: Double Stuffed - YouLoveJack

Nicky Blacklock: Double Stuffed - YouLoveJack

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Everybody's favorite horse hung alterna-twink Nicky Blacklock is back on his back and this time he brought ALL of his sex toys!

Sure, stuffing his super thick 8 inch cock all the way into a transparent Fleshlight is fun... But things really heat up once his favorite butt plug is stuffed deep inside his ass! This fucker is double stuffed and he likes it like that!

As the video opens he's still got his jeans on but his boner is jutting out and pushing at the thick denim — begging to be free. He smooths the fabric over his shaft and really shows off how big that sucker is before dropping his jeans and sitting back on the bed. He's wearing blue pin stripe boxers and his cock is poking at the seams trying to get out! Nicky takes a minute to gently stroke his rod inside his shorts before it snakes out the leg and perks up as the sunlight hits its perfect form.

The boxers are just getting in the way so Nicky kicks them aside before spitting a big gobber of homemade lube onto his shaft. He rubs that mess in good and moans lightly as his nerves come alive and respond with pure pleasure.

Time for some close-ups so Nicky pulls the camera up and points his rock hard cock right at the lens. His beautiful shaft arcs gracefully upward as he slowly rubs his hand along its length. He grabs a nearby bottle of Astro-Glide and glops a liberal amount of the water-based lube on his cock and smooths it over the sensitive skin of his cock head.

Now that his cock is glistening and shiny he reaches over and pulls out a lovely transparent Fleshlight — the butt hole model in case you were wondering! He pours some more lube into the hole and brings the fake fuck toy up to his cock and watches carefully as he gently pushes his cock inside for the first time.

As his massive cock head penetrates that tiny hole he gasps at the sensation, then drives his cock all the way with sheer delight on his face. By the time he stuffs that asshole all the way to base of his cock his face is alight with pleasure and mischief. It's so fucking cute to watch this hot little alterna-twink get off fucking that thing!

Nicky moves the camera around for a better angle and reinserts his shaft in that little transparent asshole. Now he starts grinding his hips into the fuck toy, and you can see his rock hard cock slipping all the way inside the transparent shell of his Fleshlight as he grunts with pleasure. His hips take on a natural rhythm and his eyes are locked on his crotch as he watches his cock penetrate this plastic provider of prosthetic pleasure.

He grabs the camera and sets it up right between his legs for some incredible close up action of his cock pounding that plastic hole. Seeing his cock slide all inside that asshole is an incredible site - it's like you have x-ray vision! His face can't hide how good this feels and it's clear Nicky is lost in the sensation. Fucking beautiful!

He flips over on the bed and grabs lubes up his favorite butt plug. Once it's good and slippery he reaches down and stuffs it straight up his ass in a single motion. Clearly it's not his first time at the rodeo! He gasps with pleasure and his eyes just about bug out of his head as the plug penetrates his sphincter and finds a home deep inside his body.

Nicky reaches up and grabs his rock hard cock and holds it up for the camera as he examines his asshole — stretched to accommodate the butt plug. He looks on in amazement as he slowly rubs his cock and balls. Then he gets an idea...

With the plug still buried deep in his ass he reaches for the Fleshlight and crams his cock back inside. One hand pounds that fake asshole back and forth on his rock hard 8 inch cock while the other works that dildo deeper into his hungry ass. A couple minutes of this is all he can take and this little trooper is ready to shoot.

He slides the Fleshlight off his cock and goes to work on his cock with his bare hand. The butt plug is still deep in his ass and he massages the base with his free hand sending waves of pleasure shooting through his body. A look of steely determination comes across his face and his motions pick up speed.

Soon his hand becomes a blur on his cock and his breath comes in short little grunts. This little fuck monster is ready to blow and nothing's going to hold him back! He gasps, and his body tenses and freezes for a split second before the cum starts flying.

The first glob lands in the middle chest and Nicky responds by opening his mouth and aiming his rock hard shaft right at it — hoping for a bulls-eye. The second huge shot comes pretty close and lands just below his chin with a loud THWAP! Shots three and four follow suit and shot 5 is just a dribble. His hand doesn't stop stroking until long after the last stream of jizz is cooling on his belly and he starts thinking straight again.

Nicky sits up and shows off the masterpiece of splatter art that he's created on his t-shirt. Who knew this little straight dude was so talented!

All of our homemade gay sex action videos are presented with NO DRM and they'll play on your IPOD so you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere! YouLoveJack rocks!

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