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Andy Castle - YouLoveJack

Andy Castle - YouLoveJack

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Studio: You Love Jack
This cute little hipster twink is a total bottom and he needs to get fucked like there's no tomorrow! So get to it, hipster!

Andy rips a hole in his underwear so he can fuck himself with two fingers before shoving a butt plug up his hungry hipster hole. He shudders and whimpers with delight as he pounds that thing in and out of his hole before shooting a big load all over his belly. He scoops up that mess and slurps down every delicious drop — there's a good little hipster!

Andy's fiddling with the camera when the video starts and once he's happy with the shot he steps back to the couch and grabs his cock inside his pants before dropping his skinny jeans around his ankles. His rock cock strains against the thin fabric of his underwear and creates a perfect little pup tent.

He's eager to get things rolling so he sits back on the couch with his jeans still around his ankles. This is the first time you get a real good look at this handsome young hipster and you can't help but be reminded of Andy Samberg from SNL with his big flumpy hair and charming smile... This hipster is super cute!

He pulls the camera in closer before pulling his aching cock out of his shorts. His perfect uncut dick is glad to be free and reaches for the sky before Andy grabs onto it and gives it a couple of quick strokes. Stopping to show that puppy off as he gets comfortable on the little blue couch.

As he works his rod you can't help but notice there's a hole in his underwear (dear Liza, dear Liza!) and as he pushes his hips forward you realize that hole is there for a reason — easy access! He reaches down and tears that hole a little larger to expose his puckered hole to the camera. He spreads his cheeks and really shows off his ass to the camera before reaching for a bottle of lube.

He slicks up his fingers and drives them deep inside his body with one thrust and in an instant his body becomes an electric mass of twitching desire. Oh ya, Andy likes getting fucked!

One finger is replaced by two. Then two are replaced by three and finally four fingers are shoved in his hole as he stretches himself wide open. He pops his fingers out and reaches for his transparent butt plug and smears a generous amount of lube all over its shaft. He aims the tapered end at his hole and easily pushes it inside.

This sets him off and his legs start kicking back and forth as he clenches his ass muscles around his new best friend as it hits all the right spots. His wild eyes are locked on the camera as he starts making little whimpering noises to show how good it feels. He fucking loves it!

He stands up with that plug still in his ass and kneels on the couch to show off his prize. The transparent plug glistens in the in light and reveals a vision right inside his asshole as he grinds his ass back and forth. His toes flex and wriggle with delight as he totally gets off on having that plug buried in his ass.

He flips back on his back and pulls the camera right up close to his asshole with that plug still buried deep inside his body. Andy grabs his perfect uncut cock and holds it up to the camera as he watches himself in the LCD monitor. Amazed at the wonderful site and lost in how good it feels! As he slowly strokes his uncut cock it's clear this little hipster is ready to get off.

He positions the camera so it can see the coming storm and settles back on the couch. He grabs his cock with one hand while his free hand starts to slide that plug in and out of his asshole. He matches the pace of both hands and hangs there for a second as he enjoys the overwhelming sensation before racing toward his release.

His hand becomes a quick blur on his perfect uncut cock and he turns his head towards the camera with a shocked look as the cum start to rain down on his belly. Shot after shot of that gooey mess spew out of his cock and coat his belly in a glistening but delicious mess of hipster love juice. A few more shuddering jerks and he collapses back on the couch to catch his breath.

He considers his situation for a second then sits up to have a look at his cum glazed t-shirt. He swirls one glob around with this finger then lifts his shirt to his mouth tastes his own seed. What starts as a tentative taste turns into greedy lapping as Andy gobbles up every drop then looks around for more! I guess his hole isn't the only thing that was hungry today!

All of our homemade gay sex action videos are presented with NO DRM and they'll play on your iPhone so you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere! YouLoveJack rocks!

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