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Marcus Allen: Rough Around the Edges - YouLoveJack

Marcus Allen: Rough Around the Edges - YouLoveJack

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Marcus Allen was one of the very first models to appear on YouLoveJack! Several years have passed and he's matured into a deliciously fit young man with a scruffy beard which gives him that "rough around the edges" appeal that's impossible to resist.

But none of that matters once he has his fingers buried deep in his ass while he strokes out a piping hot load of creamy goodness! Then he gets right up in the camera and slurps up every drop before calling it a day!

He flops back on the couch and reaches inside his drawers to wake up his uncut cock. He peels off his shirt and ditches his pants before pulling the camera in a bit closer. His cock is rock hard inside his boxers as he continues to massage his pole before pulling it out and showing it off as a proud grin slides across his face!

His perfect uncut cock stands tall at just over 7 inches and it's fucking beautiful! He pushes his crotch forward into the camera before pushing off his shorts and relaxing back on the couch. He spends a few minutes casually jacking his pole while he tugs on his balls with his free hand and checks himself out in the camera's LCD. Looking good!

He twists his body around so the camera is pointing right at his crotch and continues the time-tested method of coaxing a load out of his cock. Slow strokes up the shaft, gently rolling the foreskin over his sensitive cock head while massaging his nuts with his free hand. Repeating as necessary. His expressions is pure bliss as he gets lost in the sensations of self pleasure and never looks back.

His hand trails down beneath his balls as Marcus remembers he's got an asshole... He turns on the couch again and pulls his legs in the air to expose his perfect little pucker to the camera's unblinking eye. He rubs the opening roughly before stretching his ass cheeks wide open. His pink hole wide open and exposed to the camera while he looks on with his cock in his hand.

Marcus grabs the lube and greases up his fingers before popping them inside his body. His ass is tight as a mother-fucker but this isn't the first time he's mucked around down there. He keeps up gently but firm pressure and before you know it his finger pops inside himself and his eyes roll back in his head as the pleasure hits him hard.

After prodding around inside his ass for a bit he pulls his finger out and pulls his ass cheeks apart again - stretching his hole open once more before slamming his finger back inside himself. He's got a look of gritty determination on his face now and he's all about finger fucking himself!

He pushes the camera back before flopping back on the couch with his legs in the air. He grabs the bottle of lube and greases up his fingers once more. This time he plows two fingers into his waiting hole and grunts loudly as he's stretched wide open. His legs buck wildly in the air as his body contorts and wraps itself around his prodding fingers. Marcus digs deep and wave after wave of sinful delight follows as he penetrates his hole deep and wide.

He pulls the camera in close again and shows off his tortured hole to the camera. His asshole is bright pink and hungry for more fingers... which he happily provides. This time his digits disappear easily inside his body and his expression makes it clear he's getting close!

Marcus sets up the camera nice and close to his rock hard cock as he lays back and focuses on his cock. His face is a twisted mash of scruffy machismo as his hand becomes a blur on his cock. His eyes are locked on his own tool as his breath comes in short bursts and the time has come.

His hand comes to a screeching halt and he holds his breath as the cum starts to flow from his magnificent pecker. The camera is inches away from his cock head as the first drop of cum appears a the sensitive tip. This is followed by another larger glob of jizz as his hand starts moving slowly. Gently coaxing every bit of cum out of his nuts as it all drips down his fist in a big oozey mess.

Once the waves of pleasure come to an end he gets an idea! He hops on his knees and brings his cum drenched hand up to the camera and slowly leans in and takes a gentle lick of his own load. One lick is followed by a second and before you know it this scruffy dude is slopping every last drop of cum off his fingers and loving every minute of it!

He licks his fingers clean before opening his mouth and showing off the load still stuck to his tongue. He swirls it around in his mouth before he swallows the mess and opens his mouth to prove it's all gone! He grins at the camera one more time before heading to the shower.

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