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Liam Woods: More Than a Handful - YouLoveJack

Liam Woods: More Than a Handful - YouLoveJack

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Model: Liam Woods
Studio: You Love Jack
Don't let his nerdy looks and quiet unassuming expression fool you. Liam Woods is just as dirty as the rest of us and it sure doesn't take much to get him going!

As soon as his clothes are off and his rock hard 7 inch uncut cock is in his hand everything changes in a snap. Suddenly his entire personality is charged with a cocky confidence that you rarely see. Staring down the camera as he slides his foreskin over the sensitive skin of his cock head - daring you to keep watching and defying you to stop.

Liam's sitting on the couch with his hand buried in his pants as the video opens. He stands up and drops his black jeans to the floor as his boner pokes at his underwear... Straining against the thin fabric as he pulls his pants off and sits back to take care of business.

He pulls the camera in close as he teases the lens with his still hidden rock hard cock. His cock is rock hard and it doesn't take long before it starts peeking out the leg of his black boxers as he tugs on his pole, coaxing it harder and harder.

Enough teasing already! He pulls his hips up and pushes his underwear down as his cock springs free and bounces against his belly. His nuts are tight up against his guts as he grabs his 7 inch uncut tool and starts the familiar stroking rhythm that he master so many years ago.

He sits there checking himself out in the camera's LCD monitor while he lazily jacks his dick... His expression owns the camera and he confidently wags his cock in the air - Proud as punch as he shows off his sex with and understated quiet confidence. Stunning.

Liam scoots his ass forward and gives the camera a shot of his perfect little asshole as he spreads his cheeks and cranes his neck to watch the show himself. His butt hole responds by opening just a little bit, begging to be explored.

He grabs a bottle of lube and brings a single finger to his open hole. His hole opens a little wider to accommodate the intrusion and his finger is easily swallowed by his hole. Liam takes a little gasp of air as the feeling washes over him and he's lost in the ecstasy of the moment.

He buries his finger deep in his ass before slowly pulling it all the way. Stretching his cheeks wide open to show off his gaping entry to the camera. He's watching the show at the same time and grins a tiny grin as he sees what the camera sees. Then back inside it goes. Buried deep for maximum pleasure!

One finger is replaced by two as his poor little hole is stretched wide open. Then out they slide and the camera is treated to his gaping little hole. The camera is right there for all the action and everything is capture in fucking beautiful detail!

Liam flips back over on the couch and gives his ass a little break while he strokes his cock back to full attention. He's still wearing his t-shirt so he ditches that and makes himself comfortable. He's got a perfect twink body - smooth and slender chest with well defined abs set off by a set of furry legs. Masculine, yet delicate... Perfect.

He hops on his knees and shows off his ass with his neck craned around to see the action himself. This time he starts with two fingers and buries them deep in his hole - flexing his digits inside his body and finding his g-spot bang on. He gasps and lets out a little moan as his prostrate responds with insurmountable waves of pleasure.

This feels too good to stop so he keeps his fingers buried deep in his ass for a couple minutes. Relishing the feeling before sliding them slowly out and spreading his cheeks to show off his wide-open hole to the camera.

It's clear that he's getting close so he flops back on the couch and settles in to work his cock. Determined to get the job done at last... He sets his attention on himself now and the camera disappears. Nothing but him and the task at hand.

It's amazing to see this vibrant young man satisfy his own private pleasure ritual, unaffected by the camera as if he was all by himself in the privacy of his room. Greedily satisfying his libido and shutting the rest of the world out at the same time.

He pulls the camera up in between his legs as his hand becomes a blur on his perfect uncut cock. His expression is lost in the zombie state of desire that always signals the male orgasm. His back arches and his breathing stops as he chokes out a puddle of cum onto his belly. Cum rains down on his slender frame as his expression changes from determination to satisfaction. And it's done.

Liam takes a minute to catch his breath before showing that sticky mess to the camera. As he pushes his hips forward the drops of cum on his belly are perfectly accented by the window light as he smears that mess around and gets an idea...

He scoops up a big glob of his goo and sits down right in front of the camera before greedily licking the mess off his fingers. He sees a second glob of cum that had been deposited between his thumb and forefinger and slurps that up before licking his lips and swallowing the whole mess down. Job well done!

All of our homemade gay sex action videos are presented with NO DRM and they'll play on your iPhone so you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere! YouLoveJack rocks!

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