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Charlie Jack - YouLoveJack

Charlie Jack - YouLoveJack

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Charlie Jack is back! This cocky little straight dude loves the camera and the camera loves his huge-ass cock!

A sly little grin spreads across his face as soon as he sees himself on the camera's LCD monitor and the attitude doesn't stop until he's satisfied and a messy load of straight guy jizz is splattered all over his furry belly!

Charlie is only wearing his boxers and a black t-shirt and after making some quick adjustments to the camera he flops back on the couch and grabs his cock. His rock hard cock is already pitching a tent inside his underwear so he grabs the camera and pulls it in for a close-up.

His dick is perfectly outlined beneath the thin fabric of his shorts and Charlie watches himself intently as he pushes his rod back and forth and really teases the camera with that cocky grin on his face.

He pulls one nut out of the leg of his pants and lets it hang free while he keeps playing with his cock inside his shorts. He has his fun teasing the camera like this then pulls back the leg of his shorts and shows off his rock hard shaft for a second before popping his cock out and showing that beautiful monster off once and for all!

Charlie Jack's cock is a 7" long and cut but it's freaking beautiful. Long thick shaft and a perfectly proportion mushroom head on top of a heavy set of man-balls make this a crotch to remember. Charlie leans forward and let's a big gob of spit drip out of his mouth and onto his rock hard member. The best lube is man made!

Once he's got his dick slicked up he gives it a couple quick strokes then sticks his cock right up in the camera for some beautiful close-ups. Perfect shots of a perfect rod as he gives himself a couple of rough strokes before sitting back and slipping his underwear off.

He pushes the camera back a bit and chills on the couch as he works on his cock and balls. Nothing put on and no acting - just a vibrant young straight dude pleasuring himself in private. After a couple minutes of playing with himself he pulls his leg up on the sofa and brings the camera in for a better view.

Once he has the shot the way he likes it he starts to work it with both hands. It's an interesting technique with each hand twisting in a different direction as they both pump his shaft - a kind of corkscrew jack! Charlie needs a bit more lube so he leans forward and let's another long gob of straight dude spit dribble all over his head and shaft. A glistening mess of delicious straight dude cock!

He pushes the camera back a bit and stretches out as he repeats the corkscrew action on his cock. Stopping every so often to wag his amazing rock hard shaft at the camera. Smirking as he shows off his meat then back to the corkscrew action.

His hand drifts down to his ass and Charlie decides he's gonna show off his butt. He throws his legs in the air and exposes his straight asshole to the camera while he continues to work his cock. It's a nice shot but he's got other things in mind and grabs a bottle of lube and slicks up a finger real good before bringing it to his hole.

Charlie's looking right in the camera as he pokes his finger inside his body for the first time. It's amazing to see his expression change in an instant from cocky control to vulnerable exploration as the sensation of being fucked flows through his body. He spreads his butt cheeks wide with his free hand as he pokes around inside himself and slides that finger in and out of his asshole.

He slides his finger back out of his ass and spreads his cheeks one more time to show off his newly penetrated hole. His face is filled with cheeky fun as he imagines all the guys checking out his butthole. That cocky expression returns as he drops his legs and grabs his cock.

Charlie pulls the camera in for a nice close up of his glistening cock. Twisting and turning his meat before sliding his hand roughly along the length of his shaft. After a couple tugs a beautiful bead of precum forms at his piss slit and drips deliciously down his rock hard shaft. This is a site rarely seen on video as his cock naturally responds to all the attention he's providing.

Of course the precum means he's getting close but Charlie slows it down and enjoys the ride for a little longer. He pushes the camera back and we're treated to a full body shot as he stretches out on the couch and slowly works on his cock. His movements are delicate and gentle now as he tries to make the feeling last a little longer... His eyes are locked on his own cock and his expression is one of wide eyed wonder and he tries his best to hold off as long as possible.

But he's just too close and this straight dude has got to get off. He stops working on his cock long enough to set up the camera for his cum shot and settles back on the couch to finish this puppy off. He takes a final look at himself in the camera's LCD monitor then turns his attention entirely to getting off.

His hand becomes a blur on his beautiful cock as his breath becomes desperate gasps that seem to beg for release. A couple seconds of this and he freezes as his stomach muscles tense and his cock let's fly a beautiful shower of straight cum that lands in gentle drops on his black t-shirt. The second shot follows the first and the third and fourth add to the mess that's growing on his belly.

Once his orgasm comes to an end Charlie takes a second to examine the mess he created before expertly squeezing the last few drops of cum from his still hard shaft. He looks up at the camera, covered in cum with his rock hard cock still in his hand and the video is over. Job well done for a cocky little straight dude!

All of our homemade gay sex action videos are presented with NO DRM and they'll play on your iPhone so you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere! YouLoveJack rocks!

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