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Dakota Wallace: Something to Talk About - YouLoveJack

Dakota Wallace: Something to Talk About - YouLoveJack

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This fit and spunky young lad makes his living as a roofer and he isn't worried about anyone seeing his video! According to Dakota, "Fuck 'em if they don't like it. At least it will give them something to talk about!"

Dakota Wallace shows off every inch of his masculine little frame - fingering his ass and wagging his rock hard boner at the camera before dumping a nice puddle of jizz all over his washboard abs. You know, I think there might be a hole in my roof....

Dakota's bright blue shoes are shining in the sunlight as the video starts. They're a metallic blue wonder of modern manufacturing and they look great on this little stud! But this ain't a fashion show so he kicks them off and settles back on the couch to get busy with his crotch. He reaches in the leg of his shorts and pulls out boner then grins at the camera as he shows it off!

He stands up and pushes his shorts down around his ankles so he can play with his cock unobstructed. He's got a lovely penis - 6.5 inches and cut with a perfectly proportioned and beautifully shaped head. His shaft is straight with only the slightest upward curve - a sure sign of his horniness! He tugs on that puppy for a bit then sits up and ditches his t-shirt.

Now that he's bare naked Dakota can really get down to business. He pushes his crotch forward and sticks his boner right up in the camera lens. Showing off his pecker with an extreme close-up that has his dick bouncing off the glass on the camera's lens! Easy buddy, we gotta use that camera again!! He chuckles when he realizes he got a bit too close and sits back on the couch grinning from ear to ear!

He pushes the camera back a bit so we get a full body shot and it's totally worth it! The roofing business has been good to this little stud's body. Long and lean with a set of perfectly defined abs - beautiful! He just sits back and works on his cock for a minute, watching his own crotch and getting lost in the moment.

He remembers that he's making a video so he pops up and twists towards the camera - bare foot up on the couch and his goods fully on display for the camera's unblinking eye. He studies himself in the camera's LCD monitor as he strokes his meat and twists his torso back and forth. Looking for the perfect angle to show off that killer bod!

As his hands explore his crotch they find their way down to his ass and let me tell you - Dakota's no stranger to butt love! As soon as his finger gets near his butt he scoots forward and throws his legs in the air and pulls his cheeks wide open to show of his perfect little asshole. Watching himself as he exposes his most private area before bringing a finger up to his hole and pushing it inside.

He pokes and prods at his asshole with his rough and calloused finger - opening his hole and hitting the right spot. His toes wiggle and flex as he gets the motion just right - and he holds up his rock hard cock as if to prove how much he likes the feeling!

Time to get back to his cock so he drops his legs and starts tugging on his meat. Dragging his rough palm back and forth across his shaft and dick head and sending electric sparks through his tight little body. He pushes the pillows down to one end of the couch and lays back to make himself a bit more comfortable...

The view is spectacular as this vibrant young man just kicks back on the couch and plays with himself. Nothing put on. No acting. Just his private pleasure ritual revealed without hesitation to the camera - fucking beautiful!

Dakota pulls the camera in for a close-up of his crotch as he lays and continues to play with his meat. Pulling and stretching his cock and balls back and forth at extreme angles to maximize the thrust of pleasure. Stopping to tug on his pubic hair from time to time before grabbing that rod again and rubbing it like he's expecting a genie to pop out!

He's had enough of the show so he pushes the camera back a bit and gets ready for his cum shot. A quick glance at the camera proves that his baseball cap isn't perfect so he readjusts it on his head, tucking his ears inside the headband before continue with his quest for jizz. Once he's satisfied with his looks he starts to back work on his cock and the world disappears.

It only takes him a few seconds of dedicated stroking before his his face turns beet red and his muscles start tensing up. Before you know his hand and his body freezes as if somebody snapped a picture and a beautiful white rope of sticky baby batter shoots out of his cock and lands on his perfect little belly. His body relaxes for a split second while he grabs another breath and his hand once again becomes a blur on his cock.

And just like this the rest of his load shoots onto his belly and Dakota is left breathless and panting on the couch. His belly glistening with his own load as the last few drops of cum involuntarily ooze out of his cock and dribble down his shaft.

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