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Billy Clark - YouLoveJack

Billy Clark - YouLoveJack

cover photo
Model: Billy Clark
Studio: You Love Jack

Billy is straight but he admits he's a little curious about fooling around with another dude. One look at that baby face and thick cock and I don't see anyone turning this guy down!

He grabs a seat on the couch and starts pawing at his crotch with a devilish little grin on his face. Eyes sparkling as he feels his thick 7 inch cock growing in his pants. He slips his jeans off and shows off his rock hard pecker poking at his undewear. The thick shaft clearly defined against the thin fabric of his boxers as his cock head pops out of the wasteband. He pulls his underwear down and holds up that magnificent cock for the camera's approval. Holy fuck, that thing is thick! He slowly works his cock before scooting forward on the couch and pulling his feet up to reveal his straight little virgin asshole. Spreading his cheeks so the camera can see right in there! He spits on a finger and brings it tentatively to his asshole then works it in. Just the tip at first then slowly pushing it in to the second knuckle. His eyes roll back in his head as he realizes how fucking good it feels! He fucks his finger deep inside his ass then gets a bit too close and pulls it out. But it's too late! He blasts a huge load of creamy white jizz all over his own face. Fucking hell, this curious straight dude just got off from fingering his own ass! He's literally dripping with jizz by the time it's done and he takes a quick second to catch his breath then looks up at the camera with the cutest little grin on his face. The camera comes in for a final closeup of the delicious mess glistening on his perfect face and he's done. Amazing!

His eyes are filled with devious delight as he paws at his crotch. His thick 7 inch cock is already pitching a tent in his pants so he kicks off his blue jeans and hooks is underwear under his balls. Exposing his rock hard masterpiece to the world and looking right in the camera with his dark brown eyes.

Billy wears a scruffy little beard becuase he's tired of people saying he looks young. This 21 year old straight dude definitely has a baby face but there's nothing half grown about that cock. Just look at that thing! Thick and veiny and throbbing in his crotch. Begging for the attention it desperately deserves.

He kicks off the underwear and slowly strokes his straight cock. Stopping to hold it up for the camera's approval form time to time. Looking in the lens with questioning eyes as if to ask "Is it big enough?" Oh ya. It's big enough!

Now Billy admits that he's curious about fooling around with other dudes. He doesn't think this makes him gay because he digs fucking chicks so much but there's still something interesting about the idea of a dude sucking on his dick. But that's not the only thing he thinks about...

He scoots his ass forward on the couch and pulls his legs up to reveal his straight virgin asshole. Tight as can be and never been touched. Until today!

He spits on a finger and massages it around his sphincter. Slicking up his hole before gently slideing his finger inside his body. His eyes wide open with shock and exctacy as his finger tip penetrates his body and he experiences anal penetration for the first time.

He keeps his finger there for a second then pulls it out and spreads his cheeks. Showing off his freshly fucked bright red asshole without a second thought. Craning his neck to see his own asshole in the camera's LCD as he holds up his thick straight cock and shows off the whole package.

He sticks his finger in his mouth and covers it with spit before guiding it carefully deep inside his asshole with a single motion. A look of shock and perverted desire as the waves pure pleasure shoot through his body. That definitely hit the spot.

He carefully continues his ass play and fucks his finger in and out of his butt. His balls are sucked up deep inside his groin and his thick straight cock is dripping with precum. This dude is so fucking turned on by fingering his asshole!

He gives his cock a couple of quick strokes then quickly lets it go and looks at the camera with a frightened look on his face. Like his hand was caught in the cookie jar! His balls tense two times and he looks right in the camera and says, "I'm gonna cum." Almost an apology but cute as fuck!

He grabs his cock just in time for the first blast to shoot out of the thick shaft and hit him square in the chin. One stroke later and the second shot blasts him in the nose and drips down on his lips as the third and fourth shot glaze his other cheek. Two more blasts land on his belly before he catches his breath and says, "That was a lot of cum!"

Straight dude surprised himself with a huge load of cum and his very first facial!

He's cute as all fucking hell as the cum drips off his beautiful face and his guilty eyes stare up at the camera. Devilish with satisfaction but wondering why that turned him on so much. Looks to me like this straight guy might be a bit more than curious!!

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