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Charlie Carter - YouLoveJack

Charlie Carter - YouLoveJack

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There's only one thing better than a smooth skinned ginger twink. And that's a smooth skinned ginger twink with a huge fucking cock! I give you Charlie Carter.

This punky little tough guy strips bare naked and shows off his fit smooth body as he slowly works his enormous 8 inch cock. Rock hard and thick enough to choke a porn star it's a dick to remember! He pulls up his legs and exposes his tight little asshole before reaching for the lube and cramming two thick fingers deep inside his body. Slowly fucking his hole as his crystal blue eyes roll back in his head and he's lost in the pleasure. He sits up and slowly works his cock - casual but confident as he inches towards sweet relief. Grunting quietly as he squirts a thick load of ginger twink cum all over his smooth tight belly. He scoops up that mess and gobbles it down as he looks directly into the camera with the cutest grin on his face. Oh, did we mention this one's straight? Fucking hell!

Charlie is horny as hell as the video starts and he can't stop pawing at his cock as it pitches a tent in his blue jeans. Groping his shaft and pushing his raging hard-on back and forth before opening his fly and reaching in for a fistful of dick.

His shaft is clearly outlined beneath the thin fabric of his boxers and the swollen head is peaking out of the wasteband. Holy fuck this dude has a big one! He pushes his shorts down under his balls and lets his massive cock stand tall above his bright orange bush. Delicious!

He pushes his pants off and sits back on the couch with a cocky grin on his face. 8.5 thick inches of rock hard cock standing tall in his lap as he looks into the camera with his sparkling blue eyes. He grabs his cock and slowly strokes the shaft and his expression melts into acceptance of the pure pleasure his talented fingers can provide.

He works his cock for a couple minutes the scoots his ass forward and spreads his cheeks to reveal his tight little asshole. Not sure what it is with all the straight guys fingering their butts lately but who am I to complain?

The camera comes in for a perfect close-up as he pokes a thick finger inside his ass. He meets a bit too much resistance so he licks his finger then pushes it back inside his body. The taste of his own ass still lingering on his tongue with his finger firmly planted past the second knuckle. Damn!

He grabs the lube and smears the slippery stuff all over two fingers then aims them at his ass. It takes a little work but he finally gets both digits up there and begins a slow in and out motion as he fucks himself right there on the couch!

His thick fingers plow in and out of his body until he slowly pulls them out and spreads his cheeks to show off his bright red asshole. Gaping open slightly as if to beg for the return of his fingers. And back in they go!

This straight dude totally gets off on playing with his ass and his cock is still rock hard when he finally pops his fingers out of his butt and sits up on the couch. Quirky grin on his face as he turns his attention back to his enormous cock.

He shows thae pecker off for a few more minutes before settling in with a purpose. This straight red head needs to get off!

Now some guys race towards their orgasm with their body tense as their hand becomes a blur on their cocks. Not Charlie. He knows exactly how to satisfy himself and it takes a slow gentle touch. Lighlty stroking his swollen cock as he stares down at his manhood and gently moans.

His deliberate actions have the desired effect and the cum starts to fly. 4 massive globs fly through the air and paint his smooth chest and belly with a masterpiece of swirtly white goodness. Fucking hell - what a load!

He catches his breath for a second then scoops up some of his jizz and licks his fingers clean. Playing with your ass is one thing - but straight guys eating their own cum? Come on!

He slurps up every last bit of that load then lays back on the couch with a sigh and a satisfied look on his face. Stretching his legs out as he considers the pleasure he's just provided for himself. And everyone watching!

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