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Liam Woods: Ready for More - YouLoveJack

Liam Woods: Ready for More - YouLoveJack

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Model: Liam Woods
Studio: You Love Jack
Liam doesn't like to be limited by sexual definitions. "I don't care if you're gay, bi, or straight. As long as you're a dude I'm ready to go!"

He pulls his rock hard uncut cock out of his boxers and shows it off for the camera before pulling his legs up and exposing his perfect pink asshole. He crams two fingers up inside his body and stretches his hole wide open before shooting a huge load of cum all over his belly. Damn, this guy is cute!

Liam's wearing a pair of ratty old red boxers when the video opens and as he walks into frame his rock hard uncut cock is bobbing back and forth inside his shorts. He stops to show off the shape of his plump rod still inside his shorts before pulling it out the fly and giving it a couple of gentle strokes.

He sits back on the couch and squeezes a bit of lube on his cock head then smears it all around and covers his entire shaft in the slippery liquid. His cock responds by growing a little bit harder and throbbing against the gentle pressure of his expert touch.

The camera pulls back and gets a shot of this beautiful young man's face as he continues to work his beautiful 7 inch uncut cock. Slowly working his foreskin up and over the sensitive skin of his cock head then pulling it back as he hand glides down the length of his shaft to give his balls a quick tug. Then back to the head. A symphony of perfectly executed pleasure with one hand!

Liam lifts his butt off the couch and slides his boxers off as his stiff cock pokes against his belly. He glances down at his swollen member then reaches for it as it glances at the camera. He takes a second to show off the splendor of his cock with a smirk on his face before returning to his pleasure routine. Slowly maximizing the pleasure he provides for himself!

He pulls his legs up and drizzles a river of lube that starts at his taint and flows over his asshole. He sets the lube aside and smears that slippery stuff all around his butt as he gently pokes his finger at his asshole. Teasing himself as he pokes and prods at his hole before driving his finger all the way inside his body. His eyes open just a little wider as he gets used to the feeling of being violated then slowly starts to work his finger in and out of his asshole.

He fucks himself gently with his index finger before pulling it out and spreading his cheeks to show off his glistening sphincter. He cranes his neck to try and see his own ass as he drives that finger back inside his body with a gasp. Shocked by the sensation but hungry for more!

Liam switches to two fingers as he stretches his hole as wide as he can take. Slowly fucking himself as he drives his fingers in and out of body before switching to one finger from each hand. His expression is a mix of pleasure and astonishment as he Pries his asshole from both sides at once!

The camera pulls back and gets a shot of his full body as his toes wiggle and clench with each thrust of his fingers. There's no doubt that this guy loves getting fucked and he's showing it off as he puts his most private sexual ritual on display without shame! Hot damn, this guy is cute!

The camera comes in for one last close up as Liam drives two fingers deep inside his body. Every detail is captured as his asshole stretches to accommodate the size of his fingers as he slowly works them in and out of his ass. He stops and spreads his cheeks and the camera is treated to a delicious close up view of his brilliant asshole as it pulses and pops open for a little gape. Outstanding!

Liam sits up on the couch and grabs his cock - still hard after all that ass play! He looks right in the camera lens and shows off his perfect uncut cock one last time before setting his mind to getting off. He starts slowly but builds his momentum quickly as his hand becomes a blur and makes slippery smacking sounds on his lube covered uncut shaft.

He freezes for a split second and the cum starts to flow. The first shot shoots a few inches above his cock and lands on the back of his hand as the second flows out as a mini river of jizz. Puddling between his thumb and forefinger as he continues the furious flapping of his beautiful cock. Two more shots fly out of his cock and land on his balls before one final shot hits him in the belly. That's a lot of cum!

Liam takes a second to bask in the glory of his orgasm then shows off his cum coated hand. The swirly white liquid looks amazing as it creates delicate strands between his fingers. He twists his hand back and forth and lets the camera have a good look as he gently fumbles with his still hard cock in the background... Beautiful!

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