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John Murray #2 - YouLoveJack

John Murray #2 - YouLoveJack

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Model: John Murray
Studio: You Love Jack
Everybody's favorite hipster is back and looking better than ever! He's lost a few pounds and gained a six pack and he's all about playing with his asshole!

John ditches his purple shirt and pink underwear and shows off his perfect uncut cock to the camera before working his transparent butt plug up inside his ass. He replaces the dildo with a stainless steel speculum and the real fun begins! The look on his face is priceless as he stretches his hole wide open and looks right inside his own body! It's a little bit kinky and a whole lot of hot!

The video opens with John sitting on the couch dressed in a purple t-shirt and skinny jeans. He's got a calm and relaxed look about him and it's clear he's totally comfortable getting off on video! He stands up and pushes those pants down around his ankle to reveal his uncut boner poking at his bright pink underwear.

He gives himself a couple of quick strokes through the thin fabric of his underwear before kicking his jeans off and sitting back on the couch. He pulls the camera in for a nice closeup as he continues to work his throbbing hard-on inside his shorts.

He pulls his cock out of his underwear as a tiny little smirk peels across his face and it's clear this nerdy hipster twink is ready to go! He lets his boner bob back and forth in his lap as he strips off his purple t-shirt. This is John's second video for YouLoveJack and holy crap! Buddy's got a six pack now!

He kicks off his pink underwear and sits back on the couch bare-ass naked as he slowly works his uncut cock and smiles down on at the camera. There's nothing hurried about his pace and nothing put on — just pure uninhibited sexual energy being unleashed for the camera's unblinking eye!

John's hand naturally trails down to his ass so he pushes his hips forward to give himself easier access to his butt hole. He pulls his feet up and spreads his cheeks wide to reveal his puckered little hole — begging to be filled! Of course, John's more than willing to satisfy the need!

He pushes his index finger inside his body with a grunt before he remembers he needs lube! He grabs the bottle and slicks up his digits before returning them to his rectum — this time they slide easily inside himself. He stops to check the camera angle and pulls the camera a bit closer as he continues to fuck himself.

First one finger then two, stretching his hole wider and maximizing the pleasure he feels. Now three fingers, then slowly slides them out to reveal his asshole puckered open and begging for the fingers to be returned to its hungry gullet. He reaches in with his index finger from both hands and manually spreads his hole as wide as he can — opening himself up!

He slides his fingers out and grabs his favorite transparent butt plug. He guides the toy toward his asshole and relaxes once it's firmly planted in place. He grinds his hips back and forth gingerly as he becomes accustomed to the full feeling the butt plug provides. Fucking beautiful!

John grabs the HD cam and brings it in for a close-up of the slippery action and holy fuck that camera is clear! You can see every drop of lube on the toy as he drills it in and out of his asshole. His sphincter stretches and contorts as it grips tight around the shaft toy — protesting as it's removed and eagerly drawing it back inside itself.

He slides the toy out and shows off his asshole one more time for the camera - now loose and eager for more adventure. He jams his fingers back inside his body once more and stretches that hole wide before sliding them out and reaching for something a bit more interesting...

John holds up a stainless steel speculum and shows it off to the camera as he grabs the lube. He coats that medical masterpiece perfectly then guides it toward his asshole. Even when closed it's pretty big so he takes his time getting it seated properly in his butt before he starts to slowly screw it open. Spreading his hole with sweet abandon.

When he's got the speculum as wide as he dares he stops for a minute to admire himself in the camera's LCD monitor. Looking deep inside his own asshole as a big grin finds its way across his face. He brings his finger to the forced opening and slips it inside his body to feel around. As he touches himself deep inside his own asshole that grin turns to big wide smile as he feels something he's never felt before!

He feels around in there for a bit before bringing that HD camera in for another famous close-up. This time his asshole is spread wide for the world to see and he points his gaping hole right at the camera and lets have a good long look. He reaches inside with his finger one more time then slides the speculum out leaving his poor little asshole begging for more. Wow.

One thing's for sure — this nerdy hipster really digs playing with his asshole! He pushes the butt plug back inside his butt and settles back on the couch as he shifts his attention back to his cock and the orgasm that's lurking just around the corner.

He makes sure the HD video camera is set up to catch all the action then lets his hand become a blur on his rock hard uncut cock. He pounds his cock with abandon as his body tenses then releases over and over. Increasing the rhythm until his body is convulsing and begging to be released — finally he freezes and holds his cock perfect still as the cum starts to flow.

Shot after shot of creamy white goodness ooze out of his perfect uncut cock creating a sticky mess all over his knuckles. As soon as the orgasm is over he holds up his hand to check out the strands of gooey jizz then gets an idea! He lifts his hips up and pulls the butt plug out of his ass with his free hand then coats it liberally in his own cum.

He brings that slimy toy back to his asshole and pushes it back inside his body. Jizz and all!

John turns around and lifts his legs so the camera gets a good look at what's going on. He pumps the plug covered in his own cum in and out of his ass a couple of times before slipping the plug out and spreading his hole one more time. All smiles and finally satisfied!

All of our homemade gay sex action videos are presented with NO DRM and they'll play on your iPhone so you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere! YouLoveJack rocks!

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