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Arabesque - RagingStallion

Arabesque - RagingStallion

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A long time ago, in a far away place.... beneath the shimmering sun of the hot Sahara was a land of fire and flame--a romantic world of forgotten dreams that harken back to a bygone age where men ruled the desert from horseback and found sexual pleasure in their violent lusts and desires. The powerful drumbeat of the Arabian heart drove men into each other's arms, a co-mingling of sweat and passion that filled deep-rooted needs, the result of a lonely existence surrounded by sand and palm. This place is the setting for Arabesque.

Arabesque emerges from the silent films of Rudolph Valentino, starting in black and white and quickly turning into a lush, colorful photoplay. We peer into the hustle and bustle of a marketplace where a dozen hot Arabian men, hairy, built, and beautiful, conduct the business of life--buying and selling goods, gossiping about the village... eyeing each other and perhaps wondering about unthinkable thoughts... Slowly the scene thins out as men go back to their houses, some carrying new guns from the arms merchant, others with carpets, some with food. Finally five remain--the hottest men of all, each thirsting for something more than the cool water of the market fountain...

Huessein, Sarib, Colin West, Joey Russo, and JC soon stack themselves into a pyramid--a human sculpture writhing with cock and ass. What were once furtive glances become eyes wide with lust! In a beautifully erotic scene, these men enjoy each other with rampant desire, sweat dripping from every brow under the hot, broiling sun. This may be one of the best oral scenes of the year, but it is only the setup for some of the most amazing fucking we have ever set to film!

First up we find Huessein--the hottest, hairiest hunk since Bruno of the 1970s--fucking Colin West. Huessein comes from Istanbul and is the real-deal as far as stunning Middle Eastern men go. Colin, a Playgirl model with some very sexy tattoos, takes Huessein in position after position, his white ass always at the >ready, open and wide. Huessein, a power-top of tremendous strength, takes full advantage of Colin's pink pucker, diving in until cum shots fly from both men.

Three seconds later we are suddenly witnessing another massive fuck--this one showcasing Joey Russo and new discovery Sarib. Sarib is also a genuine hairy Middle Eastern stud, who fucks like something in heat! Russo, hot as ever, shines as a bottom and takes cock like he is starving for it! And what a great cum shot.

But wait! Within seconds, Sarib is on the bottom in a performance that will go down in the history of gay erotica! Huessein is back and takes Sarib's ass by storm. When filming this scene the camera crew could hardly keep up with the fucking actors and as the frenzy really got going, all we could do was stand back and keep the camera rolling. This is Sarib's first-ever porn scene, but he comes across as one of the most dynamic pros in the business. And when he sucks his own dick while getting fucked in the ass at the same time, you are gonna go crazy! In what may very well be one of the hottest pairings of all time, these two hairy Saharan studs offer up great cum shots as they finish each other off!

But Huessein is still not finished! He spies JC, another hot Arabian hunk making his porn debut here for your enjoyment! JC is a lean hairy stud with a great cock and ass. Huessein takes charge once again, and delivers another round of prime fucking. This is simply an amazing scene to watch! How do these guys fuck so hard?! Where does all that cum come from?!

We are now over an hour into the film and we leave the market and its stone arches, moving inside to the sheik's grand palace.

Deep inside the palace, in a small chamber decorated with colorful carpets and stone columns, Raging Stallion's Man of the Year, Remy Delaine, stands in embrace with Cory Koons (who looks like a little Palestinian slut!). The two caress each other as their cocks grow to full attention, which in Remy's case is really something to see! Pants soon drop and Cory goes down on Remy's huge cock (one of the largest in porn today!) servicing his master with his eager mouth! As Remy's cock gets harder and harder, longer and longer, thicker and thicker, Cory struggles until his first hole is worn out. Remy flips him over and impales him with slamming long strokes that practically rip Cory in two. Guys, this cock is THICK and Cory takes it like a man. It is a powerful moment and a great demonstration why Remy was chosen as our Man of the Year.

Now it becomes night and the sun has set. The desert cools under the soft light of the crescent moon. A lone sentry stands watch at the marketplace, bathed in the blue light of an ancient midnight. Manuel Torres, one of Raging Stallion's top exclusives, finds his night watch dull. No criminals, no passersby, no nothing... He notices a stir in his crotch and looks down. He feels his growing cock under his robes. He makes sure no one is watching. No one is. Except for our camera, that is. We are peeping toms, hiding in the market, watching as Manuel offers a private performance. His cock is huge, his chest broad, his stomach tight and cut. He pulls his dark meat back and forth, showing off his foreskin and his well-rounded balls. He enjoys himself in the night and we enjoy it with him. By the time he cums, the camera is very close. The lens is hit by his cum so that it fills your TV screen! You want to lick it off. Manuel...good job.

Back in the palace we rejoin Remy, but this time his scene partner is the hottest Arab of all--Ivan Andros. Ivan, from Barcelona, Spain, has that great mix of Spanish and Arabian ethnic cultures. When you see him, he becomes Rudolph Valentino incarnate. His face, his body, and his giant cock all make you want to scream! Anyway, that is what Remy does! These are two of the hottest men in porn today in a scene that ranks as one of Chris Ward's best! Remy worships Ivan's cock in what becomes pure sexual adoration. Ivan toys with Remy's ass, spreading his perfect cheeks and tasting his pink hole. Finally the fucking begins, and four positions are fully filmed, including one of the most dramatic of all time! Remy rides Ivan forever as the energy builds into a climax that is a showstopper. Ivan's cum shot must be seen to be believed! Lets put it this way--his cock is a fire hose and Remy's face is the fire!

In another house across town, Cory Koons meets Dario Granada, another Middle Eastern stud making his porn debut! Dario has one of the longest cocks in town--about 11 inches. Cory, ever starving for huge cock-meat looks at Dario as an all-you-can-eat banquet table! What a blowjob he gives--this is high-quality porn art at its best. And when Dario fucks Cory's tight ass (yes, it is tight, although we wonder how it stays that way!) it is a command performance! When he pulls out and thrusts back in, you get full close ups of Cory's hole hanging open and quivering. Great stuff!

The Turkish bath scene is one of the high points of Arabesque and may be one of 2005’s best sex scenes. It is again nighttime, and the moon is still shining brightly against the Saharan sands. The camera finds Huessein and François Sagat in a Turkish bath. Amidst steaming pots of hot water, these two men pour liquids over each other in a sensual bath meant both to remove the dirt and grit of their filthy world and to give arousal. The lavishness of the scene evokes our imagination as porn merges into art. As they bathe each other and caress, they become more intense, a bond growing by the moment. Framed in a huge archway with massively thick walls, these men explore each other's bodies even as we explore with them. This is male beauty for the eye of the beholder.

François Sagat ranks as one of the most stunning men on earth. This Raging Stallion exclusive has become our top draw with his staggering performances. He is porn as porn was meant to be. Born in France and living in Paris, François is another one of those men with mixed heritage that in part has origins in the Middle East. As a tribute to his heritage, he tattooed a star and crescent on his back, beautifully framed by his bulging shoulder muscles.

Both he and Huessein were very much into each other, practically chomping at the bit to have sex together. The passion shows in the final scene, which plays out in extended form. The oral sex is simply astounding and the fucking--three wonderful positions in all-- is filmed in top-quality Raging Stallion style. Because of this scene, director Chris Ward decided to dedicate Arabesque to Kristen Bjorn and Jean Daniel Cadinot, and the styles of both of these legendary artists can be seen in this scene. Ward commented that this may be the single best scene he has ever directed.

The final set for Arabesque is the dance hall of the palace of a grand Oriental potentate. Soaring fifty feet high, the room is surrounded by stone arches on two levels--one of the greatest porn sets ever built! Deep red carpets hang from high above, and the sky itself is filled with 100 candle lanterns, shimmering like stars above the scene. You will ask yourself, is this porn or is this Hollywood!? As the belly dancer leaves you know it is porn. Four men--Manuel Torres, Huessein, François Sagat, and Joey Milano--are enjoying the entertainment, dicks out and hard. For the grand finale of Arabesque, each of these men are paired with each other--with the fucking between Manuel Torres and François Sagat being the highlight of the first half of the scene. The second half features Huessein fucking a gorgeous Joey Milano. Joey has the face of a fashion model, and the ass of a porn superstar! It is a great pairing!

The final images of Arabesque are the kind that will be burned in memories forever! The cum shots must be seen by each of you!

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