If you're a new gay, you might not fully understand why homosexuals are so obsessed with going out to Sunday brunch.  A friend texted me the other day, his words very ripe with implications: "The date went very well; he stayed through brunch."  Do you see the subtle meaning?  Gays who flock to Sunday brunch are showing off their successful hookups that lasted deep into the night.  Both parties, having risen late due to sexual exhaustion, are eager to be seen with who they slept with, all of the disastrous dates having already gone their un-merry ways.  All of the successful one-night stands wish to be seen in public together -- not in a sleazy bar, which is all about preliminaries -- but in a more civilized scenario, the sort of place that proper married couples go.  Sure, they could enjoy Sunday brunch together at his or his place, but then nobody would know.  So they show each other off to everyone in their ilk (the collective energy of the restaurant being radiant), play happy husbands for a hour, and then head for next Saturday.