According to new statistics, cocksuckers whose taste for cum broadens into a thirst for piss are significantly happier than their jizz-restricted brothers in gaiety. Compared to men who don't offer their mouths as urinals for other men to piss into, pee fetishists are:

63% more optimistic about tomorrow
13% better able to handle distressing news
49% more satisfied with their life paths
88% more likely to describe their sex lives as "great" or "extraordinary"

While it's known that semen contains mood-enhancing hormones, it's still not clear how guzzling piss makes men happier than their pee-shy fellows.  Some have posited that there may be some sort of spiritual component to it, citing a paradox that appears in many world religions: "the lowest shall be the highest."  The thinking is that when a man lowers himself to the level of sewers, which is about as low as one can go, his spirit is mysteriously lifted.  Whatever is behind piss-euphoria, the statistics are promising, indeed.