Don't you love it when a mainstream movie has a distinctly gay sensibility ... such as when the director finds every way possible to get his hairy-chested male star wet and shirtless, over and over again?  A fun example is a science fiction film from 1968, The Power, starring the dashingly handsome George Hamilton.  It's a wildly unpredictable story about a laboratory for mind control experiments, but what's especially fun is how the plot invariably conspires to get George Hamilton's clothes off.  Here are some film frames to give you an idea of the homoerotic moments throughout the film:

A young guy gets his leather straps loosened at the laboratory:

Strapped down in The Power

A sweaty dude undergoes a heat tolerance test:

Hot seat in The Power

A hairy bear gets surprised in bed:

Bear in The Power

A fight scene involving a portable dishwashing machine gets George Hamilton all wet, so in the entire next scene he wears only a towel while his clothes dry:

Toga in The Power

Toga in The Power

George Hamilton falls into a body of water and we visit his shirtless convalescence (with some other guys, because why have your shirt off if there aren't other men around to appreciate the view?):

Hospital in The Power

Hospital in The Power

Hospital in The Power

And when George Hamilton's enemy experiences some chest pains, of course he rips open his shirt:

Gasping in The Power

If only all mainstream movies could be this homoerotic!