Though we've long been champions of the brilliantly talented Swedish band The Sound of Arrows, we have reason to worry. 

In past blog posts, we've celebrated the gorgeously blatant homoeroticism in the band's music videos (see here and here). 

However, the music video for the song "Wonders" shows only the singer Stefan and not his mate Oskar.  Had Oskar been present, perhaps these lyrics would have sounded unmistakably gay: "I'll never forget how you made me feel; come make me relive the wonders of that time, back when you were mine."

Even worse, the "Wonders" video features vintage clips of lots and lots of happy straight couples.  Now correct us if we're wrong, but the straight world hardly needs any help with their lifestyle image — they're doing just fine as the 90% majority.  What the world needs more of is what The Sound of Arrows used to portray — the joyous creative power inherent in male-male relationships. 

The Sound of Arrows used to be interesting, used to be important.  We're fairly convinced that the record label has taken significant steps to neuter the homoeroticism, for the sake of appealing to the heterosexual masses. 

We couldn't feel more disappointed, especially as the head of the label, David Geffen, is himself a gay man.