A buddy shared a conundrum with his boyfriend, who works as an erotic photographer.  His boyfriend has to keep his naked models hard and horny throughout the photo shoot.  That means giving their cocks assistance with his hands and tongue.  My buddy considers this behavior cheating, while the boyfriend swears it doesn't count as sex.  The boyfriend says he can even prove that it's not sex, because his models always ejaculate solo.  In other words, they bring themselves past the point of no return, with no intimate tugging or sucking from the photographer.  Vote on your perspective:

1. It's certainly erotic to act as a fluffer for a naked model, but fluffing isn't the same as having sex.  It's very nearly having sex, but it's not cheating.

2. It's cheating if you have another man's cock in your hands or mouth, whether or not you're touching him when he cums.

3. Erotic photography is a great job for keeping your boyfriend hot and horny after work.  There's nothing to worry about.

4. Being around gorgeous guys in your day job is the first step to cheating.  Even if your boyfriend hasn't fucked one of his models, a red-blooded man can resist temptation for only so long.

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