In part three we explored the hidden meanings within several self-portraits of skateboard artist Victor Moragriega, who is currently making Valencia, Spain the place to be.  Victor gave us permission to reproduce our favorite of his portraits and see what we could decode from them.

In the portrait below (one of our favorites!), Victor communicates three important aspects of his personality.  First, and most obviously, he is comfortable exhibiting his body.  He is displaying his manly chest, his armpits, and his beard -- all proudly masculine.  Second, he is showing himself not only as an exhibitionist but as a voyeur: he is looking back at the viewer.  Crucially, he is not merely self-centered but actively interested in other people -- his admirers in particular.  Third, and perhaps most importantly, his hands are empty, meaning that he comes unarmed and symbolically open to whatever might happen next.  Though his hands are partially covering his face, Victor is communicating: "I may try to wear a mask, but the more I hide the more I reveal of myself."

Having indulged our interpretations of Victor's self-portraits in Parts One through Three of this series, what do you make of the following photos?  What is Victor communicating about his masculine nature?