In part one, we took some deeply probing looks into several intriguing self-portraits of skateboard artist Victor Moragriega, who is currently making Valencia, Spain an interesting place indeed.  Victor gave us permission to reproduce our favorite of his portraits and see what we could decode from them.

Today, we continue our exploration with this shot of Victor in the shower:

Though he often sports a beard or at least some sexy stubble, here Victor is showcasing a beardless chin while displaying his hairy chest.  The message is clear -- he has both a tame and a wild side, symbolized by the shaved chin and the natural chest.  It's as if he's saying that he might shave his face as a nod to societal convention, but his "lower" masculine nature cannot be subdued.  On a deeper level, Victor is displaying and opening two of his strongest energy centers ("chakras"): the throat -- for self-expression, and the heart -- for the ability to love.  Note how his throat and his chest are both stretching forward, symbolizing a quest to expand self-expression and love.

Victor showcases two other energy centers in this more abstract self-portrait:

On the right side of the portrait, we see a bright, focused light emanating from his crotch, while a halo of light spreads in all directions from the top of his head.  That's two glowing crowns: the crown of the cock and the crown of the head.  The symbolism is simple: Victor knows what turns him on, and his built-in erotic flashlight illuminates the objects of his desire wherever he goes.  But his chakra of wisdom (the halo) spreads wider and wider with every worldly encounter.  In other words, even as his animalistic erotic light pulls him ever-forward, his spiritual light expands upward.  We see a similar message in the left side of the portrait.  There Victor depicts himself with a dark shadow side (for every man's nature has a shadow), but he's looking up as if elevated by even the most harrowing experiences.

Now consider this self-portrait:

Here Victor is directing a punch toward his viewer.  His eyes are visible above the fist -- this isn't a blind punch of anger but rather carefully directed.  On his glove is a star.  Is the viewer about to "see stars" (as in be knocked unconscious)?  Is the viewer seeing Victor as a star/celebrity?  Will impact with Victor's fist somehow mark the viewer as a star?  What is certain is that Victor, naked to the waist, is shooting himself forward in a very conscious, deliberate fashion.  The glove looks soft but it isn't padded, so we can expect a serious impact.  The glove is black as the night sky, and as the star is in motion, does that make it a shooting comet?  If it's a comet, is it an omen or should we make a wish upon it?  Victor invites us to wonder and to find out.

We'll explore some more of Victor's self-portraits in the coming days.