Just as a dick is swallowed an inch at a time, don't overload trying to learn hundreds of erotic words at once.  Tackle 11 new erotic words at a time (we suggest 11 in honor of the number of men on a cricket, football, hockey, and soccer team).

Study your erotic vocabulary just before bedtime, then "sleep on it."  This technique will help you to retain the information and will also help to inspire sexy dreams.

Say the erotic words aloud as you study, preferably in your huskiest voice.

Learn new erotic words in the context of erotic literature.  You really can't read too many mansex stories.

Incorporate your new erotic words as you talk to buddies, either casually or during texting/phone sex.  Ask your guy friends if they know any similar erotic words, and your vocabulary will grow along with your dick.

Whenever buddies ask me for my own favorite erotic words, I relish the opportunity to share a great bit of trivia: there are over one thousand words for cum!  They're collected (and used in sentences!) in the illustrated Dictionary of Semenyms.