Start with only one sex goal, so that you can give it your fully engorged attention.

Just as all of a man's passionate lust is distilled into a wad of cum, condense your sex goal in a single, declarative sentence.

Just as stroking a cock stimulates it and makes an orgasm attainable, writing down a sex goal energizes it and makes it achievable.

Like a hard cock, your sex goal should be measurable.  In other words, be aware of how you'll know know you've truly reached your sex goal.

Give your sex goal a deadline.

Don't worry about being unrealistic.  The marvelous thing about mansex is that anything is possible, so don't limit yourself.  But you must believe that you can achieve your sex goal.

Once your sex goal is written down, don't keep fiddling with it (unless your goal was to jack off more, in which case, do keep fiddling with it).  However, several times a day, do vividly imagine yourself achieving your goal.