There are still places in the world where not only is modern gay culture unlawful, but age-old gaiety is also suppressed.  Egyptologists are a conservative bunch who have deliberately hidden the gayest, most deviant symbols of ancient Egypt by virtue of their startlingly explicit nature.  The symbols showcased in the controversial Forbidden Hieroglyphs are all genuine, and their meanings, while shocking, are instantly decipherable to modern-day gays.  It would seem that the more history has passed, the more homosexuals want the same things.  Finally, gays can do away with the 26 letters of the English alphabet and embrace a wholly queer language with 66 characters.  (Or, at least, they can use these forbidden symbols for tattooing and sex magick ideas.)  FYI, used copies of this book are going for $59, but Amazon currently has a new copy for $8.00.

Here's a random page from the book:

(The text reads, "The eyes of a hawk miss nothing, especially when it comes to crotch bulges.  An older meaning of this hieroglyph was hawking, as in selling, goods -- in other words, a hustler who offered his cock for money.")