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The "Sweet Spot" in the Lower Butt

 tags: Spanking

"The shock waves made by a cane are directional—they tend to continue through the target in the general direction the cane was moving when it hit. In fact, if you slide a hand under your partner’s thigh or belly, you can feel the shock of a medium cane stroke go right through them. The 'sweet spot' in the lower butt, to either side of the crack, is sweet for this reason: blows here can send waves up into a whole complex of muscles, nerves, and engorged tissue that is directly involved with sexual excitement. Many bottoms will enjoy a steady rhythm of light or medium blows on the sweet spot—especially if they are angled to send their shock waves up and forward." —Conrad Hodson, 1997

paddle spanking
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When You Have a Man at Your Mercy

 tags: Out of Context, Spanking

'Tis easy to be highhanded when you have a man at your mercy.
—"The True Love of Aaron Burr" (1903)

Review of Taxi Zum Klo

 tags: Dating, Feet, Spanking, Watersports

Though not technically a porno, Taxi Zum Klo ("Taxi to the Toilet") is an extremely explicit autobiographical story of rampant gay cruising sex: cum eating, public toilet glory hole action, 69ing, piss drenching and drinking, prostate examinations, anonymous outdoor encounters, shrimping, bathtub sex, erotic oil massage, leather sex, spanking, voyeurism, cross-dressing ... pretty much any sort of gay sex you can imagine is depicted. Needless to say, there's full-frontal male nudity with both flaccid and erect penises. Bearded and hairy-chested Frank Ripploh plays himself, a 30-year old in Berlin who leads a double life. By day he is an elementary school teacher, and by night he ravenously pursues anonymous mansex. When he suddenly finds himself with a loving live-in boyfriend, Ripploh has trouble adjusting to cozy domestic life when the call of the wild beckons him back to the public toilets for new masculine adventures. For all its visual hotness, the film explores an important question: can a gay man who takes his masculine freedom by the horns ever reconcile himself to mainstream society? In other words, can a man hold down a day job when his spirit leads him to prowl the night? Should a gay man even try to participate in mainstream society, when his every desire so goes against the status quo? Ripploh tries to have it both ways, until the film's surprising conclusion. Since its debut in 1981, Taxi Zum Klo has deservedly earned a cult following. It's an extraordinary achievement and easily the best gay film we've seen.

Here's a sampling of the sorts of action you'll see:

Cruising in the park ...
Cruising in Taxi Zum Klo

A doctor's probing fingers ...
Finger Fucking in Taxi Zum Klo
Proctology in Taxi Zum Klo

Sticky fur: Ripploh eats his buddy's cum during an anal pounding ...
Sticky Fur in Taxi Zum Klo

Gloryhole action...
Glory hole action in Taxi Zum Klo
Glory hole action in Taxi Zum Klo

Cum in the mouth...
Cum in the Mouth in Taxi Zum Klo

Gay massage...
Gay Massage in Taxi Zum Klo

Missionary fucking...
Missionary Fucking in Taxi Zum Klo

Drinking piss...
Men Pissing in Taxi Zum Klo
Drinking Piss in Taxi Zum Klo

Shrimping in the bathtub ...
Shrimping in Taxi Zum Klo


Cock sucking & 69ing...
Cock Sucking in Taxi Zum Klo

A Good Slap

 tags: Spanking

"Every man needs to be slapped around once in a while."
A Guy's Guide to Dating

Of Paddles and Tomcats

 tags: Spanking

To help him get through his paddling, J.T. has a calendar of cute kittens to look at.  We, too, have found that picturing a kitten's face can help one get through life's beatings.  ;-)