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Like a Rubber Duckie

 tags: Here's What It Looks Like, Oral Sex

Homosexual art is like a rubber duckie.  I'm okay with that.
William Kecklerthe Poet Laureate of the Gay Pornosphere

Looks Like Spunk When It Dries

 tags: Cocks, Ejaculation, Here's What It Looks Like, Oral Sex

Wearing some wonderful hair product that goes a bit white in the rain and looks like flakes of spunk when it dries in again.
—the spunkiest man in Scotland, Iain Connell

A Problem Seeing Eye-To-Eye in Bed

 tags: Oral Sex

A buddy writes regarding a problem he's having in the bedroom.  He explains what's happening with his boyfriend, what's going wrong, and wonders whether he should start looking for a new man:

When my boyfriend sucks my dick, I lie on my back and he curls up between my legs.  So far so good.  While he sucks, he reaches up to my chest, and one hand plays with my most sensitive tit while the other fondles the fur between my pecs (which is great, because it makes me feel very manly to have my chest hair stroked).  Ideally, he would take my load in his mouth and not swallow immediately but rather savor the cream as he climbs up to my face and feeds me his own jizz, and then I'd spit his wad into his mouth as we kissed so that we'd both taste our combined loads and spit.  And then he'd swallow all of it like a desperate cum-and-spit slut.  But what happens is, as I pump my fuck in his mouth, his cock rubs against my thigh and he jizzes all over my leg.  So I can't spit his load back to him.  Yes, he can scoop up some of his cream and let me lick it off his fingers, but it's just not the same as feeling him squirt in my mouth.  We've talked about the situation several times, and he always promises to hold off on his ejaculation until he's mounted my face, but he invariably slicks my leg and we miss out on mixing our loads in his mouth.  I have no reason he's a premature ejaculator.  He just gets too excited while sucking my dick and won't exercise any self control on my behalf.  I'm beginning to feel as if he's just too clueless or selfish to keep around, even though he does love to drink my piss before and after our mansex.

If you have any advice for our buddy, feel free to leave a comment.

Oral Fixations - The Zinger

 tags: Oral Sex

Yesterday you voted on whether my latest oral probing was at the hands of a rubber-gloved dentist or a filthy-fingered landscaper, and I promised to share my adventure's surprising zinger.

Kudos to my buddies who voted "Both A and B." I did go to the dentist to have my pesky wisdom tooth removed, but just outside his office was a hunky lawn man whose sweaty balls needed a good draining. Now for the zinger:

As the dentist was manhandling my mouth, he asked me, "Do you know Jesús?" At first I thought he was asking me if I was a religious man. Then I realized that he could smell the cum on my breath. Even though I had fed the landscaper's sticky load back to him, I'd gone directly from the blow job into the dentist's office, so the musky scent must have still been fresh on my breath. I mumbled an answer, but it came out garbled since my mouth was stuffed full of the dentist's fingers and instruments. It didn't matter, as the dentist understood only too well. We both looked over at Jesús through the office window, languidly spraying the lawn with a big hose.

I looked through my archives for a photo that would give you some idea of what Jesús looks like. Here's a guy who comes quite close.

Luciano - Latin Jocks
"Luciano" (Latin Jocks) More from this set »

Oral Fixations

 tags: Interactive, Oral Sex, Polls

Take a guess at what amazing thing happened to Your Bearded Confidant today. First, here are the facts:

A man grasped my jaw with his large hands, pried open my lips, and did his thing inside my mouth. There was a sucking sound and the squirting of fluids. After the man was finished with me, I felt euphoric.

Here are the possibilities:

A. I went to the dentist to have a wisdom tooth extracted.

B. Outside the dentist's office I saw a landscaper leaning against the wall on a break. His t-shirt was drenched in sweat and hugged his chiseled torso as if it were painted on. His left hand was resting casually against the bulging crotch of his filthy jeans, barely hiding a hardon. We didn't have to speak a word — our eyes communicated everything we desired. I followed him to his van, which smelled of gasoline but offered privacy for the lewd act to follow. He knelt like an altar boy in prayer, and I knelt even deeper, like a supplicant Buddhist monk. I sucked his uncut Latin cock as if I were going in for mouth surgery and might have to lay off sex for a few days. He came in my mouth, then opened his mouth and motioned for me to spit his load back to him. I had a gleaming smile even before I entered the dentist's office.

C. Both A and B.

Check in Monday for the surprising zinger to my story.

Meanwhile, don't miss my scandalous interview over at the sultry Trollop Salon, in which I explain an amazing phenomenon that can happen during a chain fuck.

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