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Let It All Out

 tags: Cocks, Ejaculation, Here's What It Looks Like, Music Lovers

Before time runs out
let it all out.

(By the way, that lyric is from a terrific, galloping EBM-style track that Your Bearded Confidant can recommend wholeheartedly.  The genre of EBM is unabashedly masculine, with relentlessly driving beats and typically homoerotic lyrics.)

Here are some men doing what the band Red Flag recommends: letting it all out before time runs out:

The Best Song About Furious Masturbation

 tags: Music Lovers

The best song about furious masturbation has to be Cabaret Voltaire's "I Want You." Let's look more closely at the lyrics (bolded below) to decode the deeper meanings about frenzied masculine sexuality all night long.

The song begins with a soundbyte, presumably of a preacher speaking to a congregation:

I want you to bow your head

This is a crucial opening, as it suggests that the jerking off throughout the entire song is a sacred act and not sinful as some religions teach.

Freak yourself: shake it, shake it

There are several interesting meanings of "freak." The word implies wild, extreme emotion (as in "freaking out"), an addiction (as in "cocaine freak"), an enthusiastic obsession (as in "fitness freak"), a strange person (as in "freak of nature" or homosexual), and a synonym for "fuck." In this song, "freak" means all of these things simultaneously. The "shake it, shake it" chorus throughout the song is, of course, the rhythm of jerking off.

Close the door: shake it, shake it

Why should a man close the door while he's masturbating? Because his sexuality is his own business. Solo pleasure is a private affair.

What to do: shake it, shake it
Just hit the floor: shake it, shake it

The only thing to do is to stroke that dick. Hitting the floor with one's jizz recalls the American legend of Johnny Appleseed, who scattered his seed across the nation. "Just hit the floor" is a way of saying, "Fuck the earth," not in a negative way, but to foster new creativity. The song is saying to let your masculine essence fly as it will. If it hits the floor, so be it. From a religious standpoint, a man's sperm hitting the floor is a direct reference to Onanism in the book of Genesis.

What they told you is not to be
But what you want comes naturally

"What they told you" likely refers to masturbation and/or homosexuality being bad. Because what you want comes naturally, masturbation and/or homosexuality can't be wrong because it exists in and is caused by nature.

Black them out, kill the lights
Hands are moving through the night

Gay men have historically been nighthawks. Mansex in the dark isn't about individual attractions but rather about mankind rejoicing in itself.

Make some time here, fingers free,
Keep your hands on your chemistry

Here the song is suggesting that if your hands are free, you ought to be fondling your dick. Keeping your hands on your "chemistry" means being coated in your sticky DNA. The lyric is saying that a man's fingers should be covered in sperm at all times.

And we concur!

When I'm Alone

 tags: Cocks, Here's What It Looks Like, Humor, Music Lovers

I only listen to AC/DC's Thunderstruck when I'm alone because you don't need to see this. —the very funny and very musical Michael McKean, of This Is Spinal Tap fame

The Web of Life

 tags: Here's What It Looks Like, Humor, Music Lovers

Choosing a password is like making love to a beautiful man: the more characters the better, don't just do it by the numbers, shift at least once, don't use pet names, and whatever you do, make it unutterably messy yet unforgettable. (Ironically, passwords offer protection against Trojans.)


The hottest band out there, Story of the Running Wolf, never ceases to tantalize:


"The web of life is a perfectly finished work of art right where I am sitting now."
—Robert Anton Wilson, author of Sex, Drugs & Magick: A Journey Beyond Limits

A Man Can Meet Another Man ...

 tags: Music Lovers

Here's a lyric from a song about men's opportunities to meet and embrace and celebrate other men in their daily lives: "A man can meet another man in a bar. On the sportsfield. At his place of work. Or in his own apartment. Or on the internet right now."  It's from Kirin J Callinan's "Embracism."