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 tags: Cocks, Here's What It Looks Like, Kissing, Pics of the Day, Sunbathing
 30 Sep 2016

The comedy series Seinfeld made famous the phenomenon of "shrinkage," as when a man's sex organs retract in cold water. However, the refractive properties of water can also make a man's cock appear larger than it really is. (See proof below.) So, sometimes water makes us bigger and sometimes smaller. Call it a wash.

Anonymous Submission

Hot Tub 4 Way in Teen Fuck Buddies
Hot Tub 4 Way in Teen Fuck Buddies (8Teen Boy)

Hot Tub 4 Way in Teen Fuck Buddies
Hot Tub 4 Way in Teen Fuck Buddies (8Teen Boy)

Chad Stevens & Jason Andrews in Sporty Balls
Chad Stevens & Jason Andrews in Sporty Balls (Frat Boy)

A Man's Lips

 tags: Kissing

lips and eye"He had lips like silent eyeballs" — that sounds rather peculiar, but John McManus' figure of speech has a certain ring to it. Sometimes a man's lips do play a game of "who will blink first" with you. A man's lips can stare you down, daring you to go in for a kiss.

Have you ever been in a showdown with a pair of lips?
Share your experience!

Here are some things a man's kiss tastes like, culled from our erotic research:

  • fire
  • rain
  • salt
  • intimacy
  • exotic wine
  • desperation
  • violence
  • hunger
  • frustration
  • heaven
  • old beer
  • honey
  • olives
  • the sea
  • power
  • paradise
  • happiness
  • snow
  • champagne
  • arousal
  • rusty water
  • sun
  • cock

On the Bench by Men at Play
From "On the Bench" (Men at Play) More from this set »

Are their Cocks Going Up or Down?

 tags: Hairy Men, Interactive, Kissing

Brett and Jeff are kissing and semi-hard.  Have they just finished barebacking, with their cocks spent and their erections going down, or are they just getting started, with their cocks swelling in anticipation of raw fucking?  Here's the "before" . . . Click on the image to reveal the "after."

The Weirdest Thanksgiving Tradition

 tags: Here's What It Looks Like, Humor, Kissing, Michael Ian Black

Can somebody please explain the origin of the Thanksgiving tradition where you open mouth kiss your stepdad before sitting down to eat?
Michael Ian Black, speaking with his mouth full

Tongues Should Taste Like . . .

 tags: Kissing, Rob Huebel, Romance

Whoever made tongues should have made them so they always taste like butter.
—the buttery Rob Huebel