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What Look Is Best for Duncan?

 tags: Interactive

Which look is most flattering for Duncan? Short hair and clean-shaven? Short hair and bearded? Longer hair and bearded? Even longer hair and bearded?

A Simple Observation Test for Homosexual Tendencies

 tags: Cocks, Interactive

There's a penis hidden in this photo, but interestingly it can be detected only by those with homosexual tendencies.  Heterosexual or sexually ambivalent men see only "an empty room," "a shower door," or "a bathroom" and never detect that there is a man in the photo whose penis is visible to those with "cock eyes."  This photo is a classic example of the phenomenon that we see what we're looking for.  Our brains take in so much environmental information that we must filter out what isn't important in our lives.  Otherwise, we'd be overwhelmed.  Those who don't need cock will not even see it when it's directly in front of them.

Which Look Do You Prefer for Colby?

 tags: Interactive

Do you prefer Colby clean-shaved with a short haircut, or bearded with long hair?

How Many Times Per Week Should You Fuck?

 tags: Anal Sex, Interactive

Here's an easy way to determine how many times a week you should fuck, no matter whether you're a top, a bottom, or unsure.  Keep track of how many times you answer "yes" to the following questions:

1. While some are most attracted to men's chests, beards, feet, or legs, I am most intrigued by cocks and/or asses and/or mouths.

2. I think or daydream about men's bodies at least once per day.

3. I like the idea of a man feeling me cum either I while am inside of him or he is inside of me.

4. I want to help or make a man ejaculate with either my cock, fuckhole, or mouth.

5. It's arousing to imagine physically dominating or allowing myself to be dominated by another man.

6. I like the idea of seducing a man to the point that he can't resist coming to my bedroom or inviting me into his bedroom.

7. While self pleasure is the cornerstone of a man's sexuality, the experience of a shared orgasm is without equal.

How many "yeses" did you register?  If you answered:

1 yes = fuck or get fucked once a week
2 yeses = fuck or get fucked twice a week
3 yeses = fuck or get fucked three times a week 
               (once midweek and twice weekends)
4 yeses = fuck or get fucked four times a week (or every other day)
yeses = fuck or get fucked five times a week, with two days of rest
yeses = fuck or get fucked six times a week, with one day to recover
yeses = fuck or get fucked an average of every day of the week

No matter how many times per week you should fuck, remember that those orgasms are in addition to your solo sessions.

Which Look Suits Ty Best - Smooth or Textured?

 tags: Interactive

Which look do you prefer for Ty -- smooth or textured? First, here is smooth:

And here he is textured: