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Washing Between the Toes

 tags: Feet
 27 Oct 2016

"He noticed that when he rubbed his feet, his penis became erect."
—American Journal of Orthopsychiatry‎

Straight Boys Cain & Gabriel Double Foot Job by ToeGasms
Cain & Gabriel's Double Foot Job (ToeGasms)

Heel to Ball(s)

 tags: Cocks, Feet

The size of a man's foot is always a fun way to test cock length.  Take, for example, the foot of pornstar extraordinaire Zack Randall (a limber self-sucker, muscular gymnast, big cum squirter, and major piss freak).  His beautiful endowment stretches from the heel of his foot to the ball of his big toe.  Try this measuring technique out on yourself and share the results with Your Bearded Confidant!

Zack Randall in the Mirror by ToeGasms
Zack Randall in the Mirror by ToeGasms

Zack Randall in the Mirror by ToeGasms
Zack Randall in the Mirror by ToeGasms

First Date Tips

 tags: Armpits, Dating, Feet, Romance

Parker and Rod by CruiserBoys
Parker & Rod (CruiserBoys) More from this set »
On a first date, playing footsie under the dinner table is not only acceptable but recommended. If your man is wearing sandals, don't hesitate to "scissor" your toes with his (sliding your big toe over his big toe and your index toe under his foot).

Even if you're usually clean-cut, don't shave on the morning of your date. The tactility of beard stubble will add to your man's pleasure when you nestle your face against his chest, under his arms, and between his thighs.

As you pull your man’s shirt over his head, take a deliberate, leisurely sniff of one of his armpits. (It is appropriate to make a subtle yet audible purr of approval and contentment.) Leaving him wanting more—save full tongue baths for the second date.

What should you whisper into your man's ear as you make out? Forget sweet nothings and whisper dirty somethings! Whisper that he smells fucking gorgeous, like a luscious mango worthy of sucking dry. Whisper that he feels hard like a man in a dream. Whisper all your nastiest sperm terms.

Blurted Out at the Foot Massage Place

 tags: Feet, Rob Huebel

Apologies to the staff of this foot massage place. Blurted out "this little piggy's about to come!" Feel just awful.
—the erotic sole of Rob Huebel

Shoe Size / Cock Size

 tags: Cocks, Feet, Here's What It Looks Like

You've heard it said that there's a connection between shoe size and dick size.  As these pictures prove, you can have a big cock with any size foot, even if the cock isn't your own.  ;-)