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A Fuckbuddy's Baton

 tags: Ejaculation

In the finest fuckbuddy scenario, you welcome your friend to the fireside (as it were), invite him to wave his fleshy baton, and permit him to feel like the conductor of your little symphony—his pearly essence just the bit of color needed to complete the harmonic ensemble.

from The Private Life of Josh Elliot by BelAmi
The Private Life of Josh Elliot (BelAmi) More info »

Shower Head

 tags: Ejaculation

I noticed a new way you can tell if a man is gay.  Let's say that you're showering with a buddy, and he accidentally grabs the conditioner first instead of the shampoo.  He grasps his palm-full of squirted conditioner and asks you to lather up his head with shampoo since you still have two free hands.  When your buddy is rinsed and ready to use the conditioner, he opens his clenched fingers, and every drop of the pearly cream is still in his hand.  I humbly suggest that only a gay man could hold pearly cream in his palm during a several minute-long downpour and not lose a drop.  (Incidentally, I discovered this new way to tell if a man is gay during a shower with my partner.  We installed one of those nifty dual head showers, so we can bathe together without one of us hogging the water.  Whether you have a horny roommate, frequent sleep-over buddy, or steady partner, dual head showers come highly recommended!)

from Best Men 2 - The Wedding Party by Falcon
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You Can Cum With Me If You Want To

 tags: Ejaculation, Here's What It Looks Like

"You can cum with me if you want to."

If You Could Point at a Cock and Make It Ejaculate ...

 tags: Ejaculation, Polls

[We're revisiting this blog post with additional photos.]

If you could point at a man's cock and magically make it ejaculate, would you use that power responsibly or irresponsibly?

  1. I'd use my power in a medical sense, for men with erectile dysfunction

  2. I'd use my power only with the other man's consent

  3. I'd use my power irresponsibly, on any and every man I wished to either pleasure or embarrass

Jerk It Out

 tags: Ejaculation, Here's What It Looks Like

The band Caesars encourage us to "Jerk It Out":
Coz it's easy once you know how it's done
You can't stop now
It's already begun
You feel it
Running through your bones
And you jerk it out
And you jerk it out