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Armpit to Armpit

 tags: Armpits, Pics of the Day, Romance

"Shoulder to shoulder, biceps to biceps, armpit to armpit, tattoo to tattoo, and camshaft to exhaust pipe, the roar never ends." —Richard La Plante, Detours

Buster Sly and Seth Woods by Bareback That Hole
Buster Sly & Seth Woods (Bareback That Hole)

Give a Buddy the Armpit Test

 tags: Armpits

The next time a new buddy is pulling off your shirt, take an opportunity to see if he'll be fab or drab in bed.  Raise an arm and offer him your armpit.  If he's not eager to get high on your musk, tell him to fuck off instead of fucking him.  Or, to put it in street lingo, if he can't handle your funk, don't let him handle your junk.

Jose and Leo from 2 Magazine
Jose & Leo by [2] Magazine »

First Date Tips

 tags: Armpits, Dating, Feet, Romance

Parker and Rod by CruiserBoys
Parker & Rod (CruiserBoys) More from this set »
On a first date, playing footsie under the dinner table is not only acceptable but recommended. If your man is wearing sandals, don't hesitate to "scissor" your toes with his (sliding your big toe over his big toe and your index toe under his foot).

Even if you're usually clean-cut, don't shave on the morning of your date. The tactility of beard stubble will add to your man's pleasure when you nestle your face against his chest, under his arms, and between his thighs.

As you pull your man’s shirt over his head, take a deliberate, leisurely sniff of one of his armpits. (It is appropriate to make a subtle yet audible purr of approval and contentment.) Leaving him wanting more—save full tongue baths for the second date.

What should you whisper into your man's ear as you make out? Forget sweet nothings and whisper dirty somethings! Whisper that he smells fucking gorgeous, like a luscious mango worthy of sucking dry. Whisper that he feels hard like a man in a dream. Whisper all your nastiest sperm terms.

Sniff His Musk

 tags: Armpits

Rocky Castro - Freshmen 11/01
Rocky Castro (Freshmen, 11/01) More »
A buddy found Your Bearded Confidant via the keywords "sniff his musk." What a hot phrase! It sounds like a command, doesn't it? It reminds me of one of the first porn movie I ever saw, when I was visiting a friend's house and discovered his stash of porn while he was at his job. (Oh, the things I learned that day!) In the film, there's a threesome of handsome young studs, and one guy jerks off as he tells his two buddies what to do to each other. "Unbutton his shirt," he'll say. Then, "stroke his chest ... tell him how good it feels ... lick his armpit ... give him your dick ..." and so on. "Sniff his musk" could well have been one of the commands. By the end of the threeway, the guy in charge gets on his back and tells his two buddies to take turns fucking his ass. I wish I could remember the title of the movie. I'd love to see that final cumshot again, as the guy proved to be a huge shooter. His buddies seemed genuinely astonished by the deluge of jizz they fucked out of him. (If you happen to know what movie I'm talking about, drop me a line!)

Between you and me, one of the hottest things about the session is the innocence of the three fresh studs. The guy in charge isn't a "Master" or "daddy" type, and his commands are playful, not degrading. He doesn't bark orders -- he simply has the erotic vision to make good suggestions, and his buddies are game and end up loving every minute of it.

Of course, muscly masculine Masters can be incredibly hot, too. I woke up today thinking about a great porn scene involving a cop and his forbidden lover. In this particular scene, the twist is that the cop isn't the dominant partner. His butch buddy tells him what to do. Their foreplay is molten hot, as during the proper moistening of bulging briefs with a drooling tongue. The men in question are Marcus Iron and Gus Mattox, and their most amazing moment is when they stare deeply into each other's eyes as they shoot off together. The intensity of that eye contact is simply breathtaking. It's a stunning testament to the powerfully intimate connection two powerful men can share. (FYI, here's the DVD I'm talking about.)

Lifeshow by Channel-F

 tags: Armpits, Chests, Here's What It Looks Like, Music Lovers, Sweat

It's about time we revisited this very popular post from years back:

Imagine being able to shower your musk, your sexual pheromones, all over the men around you. A highly-charged erotic music video depicts just that — a man spraying his sweat like a hose, all over a buddy (or is he a rival? or an ex-lover?) The video is so carefully and artistically executed that it invites careful and multiple watchings. Let's explore what happens and investigate the surprises that unfold second by second, right up to an unforgettable climax in which two men are so drunk on each other's sexuality that they ejaculate with a bottle of champagne and send each other into orgasmic seizures. First watch for yourself, then join me below for a closer look...

«[ Watch in HD (1280 x 720p)

The two men in this video, both in their mid-20's, are Christian Siefriend (wearing glasses and sporting a furry chest) and Michael Wilhelm (with sandy hair and a smoother chest). In the first four seconds, we see Michael gazing off in his own little world as Christian removes his retro-style eyeglasses. (The removal of eyewear is a classic symbol of sexual openness, equal to letting one's hair down.) The men are dressed in similar white shirts, both with the top two buttons undone, and both are wearing suspenders (Michael's suspenders are brown, matching his lighter hair, and Christian's are black). The matching outfits put them on a level playing field, accentuating their unity in the brotherhood of men. (As we will learn, both men are alpha males.) The suspenders are an inspired touch — they literally need straps to keep their pants on. The men are standing very close to one another, immediately suggesting intimacy, though what sort of intimacy isn't clear. Is the closeness due to partnership or aggression?

Michael brushes the chip off of Christian's shoulder in Lifeshow by Channel-FAfter the first cut, at the 5-second mark, Michael is standing behind Christian, who looks over his shoulder, perhaps a bit suspiciously. At 7 seconds, the camera shows another angle. Christian looks into the distance as Michael's eyes take him in fully. Michael's right hand is at his own chest, possibly opening up his shirt but lingering at his heart. At 9 seconds, Michael brushes something off Christian's shirt — perhaps a chip on his shoulder?

At 12 seconds, the men are suddenly shirtless, but still wearing their suspenders. This is symbolic of how they're holding back their full masculine impulses. Christian gazes mischievously at Michael, who is pulled by his gaze from within his own little world.

Michael gazes at Christian's bare chest in Lifeshow by Channel-FAfter a flashback to Christian unbuttoning his shirt while Michael faces away, arms crossed, a now-bare-chested Michael struts toward the camera, suspenders down, his shoulders swaying cockily (16-second mark). By the 23-second mark, Michael faces Christian's bare chest but hardly opens his eyes, even as Christian jumps toward him. Though seeming disinterested, he feels inspired to begin unbuttoning his own shirt.

The camera pans across a mid-shot of Christian's bare chest and a closeup of Michael's armpit. Christian quickly walks around and boldly takes in Michael's exposed armpit.

Christian boldly takes in Michael's exposed armpit in Lifeshow by Channel-F

At 32 seconds, we flashback to Christian snapping off his suspenders as Michael looks on with deep interest. At 34-seconds, Christian snaps his suspenders hard against his bare chest. Quick cuts showing further shirt removal prepare us for the men jumping into a bare-chested body slam at 37 seconds. Another flashback to the men in their shirts suggests that the men have been fantasizing about being naked while dressed.

Christian sprays Michael with armpit sweat in Lifeshow by Channel-FAt 52 seconds, we see a bare-chested Christian approach Michael to unbutton his shirt. Michael gruffly rebuffs him. The rebuff occurs between two scenes of Christian dancing solo. Is he dreaming of undressing Michael while he dances? The moment Michael pulls off his own shirt, he finds himself being sprayed on the chest rather aggressively. It isn't until 1:03 that we discover the source of the spray — it's Christian's sweat, spraying like a hose from his exposed armpit. At first Michael sort of likes the experience. He resonates with the masculine pheromones, and he gingerly dances as his chest is coated with the other man's sweat. At 1:08 the camera moves in to show the seriousness and intensity with which Christian sprays his pheromones. Michael dances harder, emboldened by the manly atmosphere. The men dance close together, each in his own little world, but both dripping in Christian's sweat.

Michael confronts Christian in Lifeshow by Channel-FBy 1:27, the pheromones have become so intense that Michael begins to feel uncomfortable. He grimaces and resists the spray, though he can hardly escape it. At 1:38, the men engage in a slight confrontation. Note that while Michael is shirtless, Christian is fully dressed. This suggests that the pheromone shower wasn't literal, at least not in terms of the dripping deluge. But the cloud of manscent around Christian is only too real. In other words, Christian's aura of masculinity is having an effect on those around him. It both excites and taunts Michael. It turns him on, gets him dancing, but also makes him feel slightly aggressive. There's a slight scuffle. The men shove one another, not quite playfully. Christian wordlessly gives in just a little, because the look on Michael's face suggests that he will win any fight.

A crotch-shot of Christian dancing is followed by Michael getting pelted by sweat again at 1:52. Again, this suggests that Christian is exuding his sexual juices as he dances, and that Michael is helpless against their effect.

Christian and Michael in a full-body slam in Lifeshow by Channel-FAre two men in close proximity always playing with fire? That's what the video suggests at 2:09, when Michael sets off a chain of firecrackers as Christian looks on. We're treated to a slow-motion body slam at 2:36, and the symbolic release of sexual tension allows the men to dance close together and face to face at 2:41. We're further treated to a naked solo dance by Michael at 2:45, with a peek at his pubic hair as he steps away from the camera. His full nakedness here suggests a further loosening of inhibitions and a strengthening of masculine expression. He has been bathed in another man's scent, and he can now truly let his pants down.

Michael dances naked in Lifeshow by Channel-F

Christian sprays Michael's face with champagne foam in Lifeshow by Channel-F

Christian sprays Michael's chest with champagne foam in Lifeshow by Channel-F

Michael sprays Christian's glasses off with champagne foam in Lifeshow by Channel-F

Michael sprays Christian's face with champagne foam in Lifeshow by Channel-F
And so begins the grand finale, starting at 2:57. The men take turns drenching one another with champagne. It's a very highly-charged session of erotic spraying. Christian begins, aggressively spraying Michael's torso with the spraying bottle. Christian stares at Michael's chest throughout, thrusting his hips in an overtly sexual manner as he pumps the foam onto his fellow man's chest. The bottle is unmistakably Christian's penis. The foam is unmistakably his semen. The thrusting of his hips leaves absolutely no room for doubt. Christian is fucking Michael with that champagne, and he's fucking him hard. And Michael is loving every drop of it, his arms raised high as if in jubilation or even triumph. Then the men switch off at 3:35. Michael pops the cork of his own champagne bottle, and an explosion of foam showers Christian from head to toe and sets him off into a sexual frenzy. Watch carefully for the double-exposure flashes, which reveal that Christian's pants are off during this scene. The champagne spurts in a powerful stream, and Michael aggressively (very aggressively) gives Christian a foamy facial. Christian takes it like a man, shaking his face wildly to further drench himself in the spray. Michael leans in close to pummel his companion with his potently intoxicating spray. The scene is undoubtedly of an intensity and uniqueness that will leave a lasting impression on the viewer. It's difficult to overstate the enthusiasm with which Michael sprays Christian, or the bestial abandon with which Christian accepts the spray. They participate in a wild bacchanal, though they're not drunk on champagne but rather on each other. Even after the bottle is empty, Christian shakes wildly as if experiencing multiple orgasms. In a beautiful final touch, Michael raises the spent bottle to lick off the remaining drops. The sexual symbolism is as beautiful as it is unmissable.

If hardcore gay porn were this powerful, none of us would ever get any work done!

Michael licks the remaining drops from the spent champagne bottle in Lifeshow by Channel-F