Don't you love how a man's chest muscles stiffen and swell as he approaches shooting off? In my erotic research, I've seen men's swollen chests likened to:

  • the heaving of an ocean wave
  • the sail on a boat
  • a missile-deflecting iron breastplate
  • a balloon
  • a barrel
  • triumph
  • a bird's breast
  • a crowing cock
  • a bellows
  • an inflated bagpipe
  • a young stallion

Ted by Badpuppy
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Interestingly, even as a man's chest puffs up with manliness as he cums, his face looks dramatically more youthful when he takes a load in his mouth. I've seen the effect repeatedly in films, and the more mature the cocksucker, the more dramatic the transformation. A cocksucker of 35, for example, will look like a man in his early 20's after receiving a buddy's spooge. It's little wonder semen is sometimes called "the elixir of life." The fountain of youth doesn't spurt forever, of course, and the fresh-face effect fades after a few minutes, but keep an eye out and you'll see what I'm talking about. (A really good example is cum-addict Tom Shannon in the film "Swallow" by Treasure Island Media. Check out his face after he gobbles up hottie Nick Russell's load. No digital effects there -- just the very special effect that hot and sweet cum has on a hungry mouth.) As the outrageously filthy band Dirty Sanchez sings, "give head and be beautiful."

Speaking of cocksucking and jizz-guzzling, pornographer extraordinaire Paul Morris has found the secret to world peace. He explains: "Nothing on the planet makes everyone happier than devoted cocksucking. If the world would let me unleash my army of cocksuckers to blow every man alive, this would be a much more peaceful planet. No one is less inclined to think about fighting than a man who has his cock rooted deep in another man's gulping throat." That's how Paul came up with his motto, "SUCK DICK, SAVE THE WORLD," an ideal he takes very seriously. In fact, his film "Skull Fuck" is meant to incite a world-wide orgy of oral worship to end all wars.