Cock Lightning art by maubrowncow
Artwork by maubrowncow
My neighbor is always either half-naked or fully nude when he's at home, and he doesn't know I can see into his back patio. Between you and me, I have to stand on tiptoes inside my bathtub in order to peek through the small window that overlooks his patio. But, oh the things I've seen! Like the time he spurted lightning out of his cock. Here's what actually happened: he was sprawled in his deck chair, one hairy leg flung over the arm of the chair and the other propped on a small table, affording me a perfect view of his goods. He loves tanning his cock, and he was soaking up the late afternoon glow like a horny sunflower. He had a bottle of tanning oil on the table (coconut oil, I believe), which he grabbed with his free hand. His technique for applying the oil was interesting: he held the bottle quite high, and with expert precision he slowly but steadily dripped the oil onto his rigid dick (like a waiter in a fancy restaurant who can pour water into a glass from three-feet up without spilling a drop). He expertly controlled the flow of the drips, obviously getting off on feeling a steady rain of oil on his cock. He clearly likes a very, very slick lubrication, and we're brothers in that regard. So he dripped oil and jacked his hardon in the warm sunlight for several minutes, and I frankly was in no hurry for him to pass the point of no return. But the show finally came to a conclusion, and I hardly expected a fireworks finale. You see, the moment he spurted his jizz, the angle of the setting sun was such that the light caught his fluid stream and illuminated it like a bolt of fire. (You may have witnessed a similar phenomenon when sunlight flashes in the peak of an ocean wave.) I've never seen anything like it — for all the world, it looked like his cock was discharging electricity. My eyes were hit with his blinding flare, and the utter surprise triggered my own orgasm. I wonder the chances of ever seeing him spurt another lightning bolt.

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