Here's a description of an odd game called Cudgel, followed by our take on it.

Young men are blindfolded and made to lie down on the carpet and to grasp each other by the left hand.  In each man's right hand is placed a roll of paper in the form of a club or cudgel.  Then the fun begins.  One of the players asks the other, 'Are you there?'  When the answer, 'Yes' comes, he raises his right hand and strives to hit with his cudgel the spot where, from the sound of the voice, he supposes the other man's head to be.  The other player, however, is at perfect liberty to move his head after he has answered 'Yes,' and so in nine cases out of ten the blow misses his head and falls on his shoulders or some other part of his body.  In that case it is his turn to retaliate, and so the game goes on indefinitely, the sole object of the player who asks the question being to strike the other man's head, and that of the player who answers to save his head from being struck.

What do we say to all of this?  For the love of man, go ahead and fuck already!  Those paper clubs are clumsy substitutes real cock-pounding.