ReM/Mixed Erotica: Inn Fucking Credible
Authorized reM/Mix by Confidant of "Inn Fucking Credible” by Jeremy Edwards.
© 2008-2013 Jeremy Edwards. All rights reserved.

"Whoa, dude, I fucked Marty this weekend.”

"I don’t believe it.”

"I did, man. He was at Jake’s barbecue, see, and I asked him if he wanted to hit the lake with me.”


"So we rented a boat, dude. Then I took him to dinner at this little hotel. It got late, and he, like, suggested we stay over.”

"Oh, he suggested it. Nice touch.”

"I’m tellin’ you, dude.”

"You are such a goddam liar.”

"Once we got upstairs, he was pretty, y’know, passionate. He wanted my cock in his mouth before we did anything else.”


"And then I ate him out. You know how I love to eat ass.”

"Why would I know that?”

"He was really tasty. And, man, he got loud. He was screaming for me to fuck him, after a while.”

"You sure he wasn’t talking about something else?”

"Of course I’m fucking sure, asshole. Anyway, he really knew how to move. I hardly had to do anything.”

"Why would you have to do anything, when you made the whole thing up?”

"Screw you, man, it’s true. Then he did this incredible massage thing on me, to make me get it up again so I could go for sloppy seconds. He really wanted me to fuck him again before we hit the sack. He wanted to get buttfucked, dude.”

"So you said.”

"Why the fuck don’t you believe me?”

"Because I’m Marty. And I think your autodialer is messed up.”