We just received a great note about anal orgasms from a hot guy named Maals:

"I have had extremely intense anal orgasms while being fucked. It had absolutely nothing to do with my cock. I first experienced it when living with a man several times while he fucked me. Once I was moaning so loudly from the intense pleasure, he put his hand over my mouth. The best was when an unbelievably well-hung man fucked me. I had two anal orgasms, the second as he came inside me and I'm sure we awakened the neighborhood with our mingled moans of pleasure. For me this is much more intense than ejaculation, at times the pleasure is so intense that I can hardly bear it. Now I often use a fucking machine and it gives me the same wonderful orgasms in my ass, over and over again. Once it made me moan so loudly that a man passing by on foot knocked on the door to see if I was ok. I much prefer this to ejaculation, though I love that too."

Thanks, Maals!  We love how loudly you moan during anal orgasms!