Mansex often skirts around taboo issues. How far is too far? When is the line crossed? Buddies often share their red hot gray area experiences with Your Bearded Confidant. Why not add your two cents and judge whether these scenarios are out of bounds:

Is this date rape?
A buddy shares how he invited a straight friend over for beers and a DVD. When his friend fell asleep, our buddy admits to unbuttoning the man's jeans and fondling his dick. He also admits to hoping his friend would get drunk.

Your vote:

  1. Deliberately getting a friend drunk and then molesting him definitely crosses the line.
  2. Guys getting drunk together and then fooling around may be unwise but it isn't immoral.

Is this incest?
A buddy shares how he and his brother like to dry hump one another when they're home from college. They snuggle together after they've both cum, though they've never deep kissed, butt fucked, or sucked one another off.

Your vote:

  1. Dry humping isn't the same as intercourse. Fooling around without penetration is hardly sex at all and isn't incest.
  2. If two brothers get sperm on each other, it's sex and it's incest.
  3. Sibling revelry is better than sibling rivalry. If lube and condoms aren't necessary, it's harmless.