Mansex often skirts around taboo issues. How far is too far? When is the line crossed? Buddies often share their red hot gray area experiences with Your Bearded Confidant. Why not add your two cents and judge whether these scenarios are out of bounds:

Is this incest?
A buddy shares that he often takes steamy showers with his brother, typically after they do sweaty yard work or outdoor sports together. They sometimes lather each other up, including their genitals. Their cocks get hard but they don't masturbate. They do sometimes insert a finger when they soap up each other's asses.

Your vote:

  1. It's not incest if there's no masturbation to orgasm.
  2. Any genital or anal touching counts as incest.
  3. Bathing together is a natural and beautiful experience for brothers.
  4. It wouldn't be incest except for the finger fucking.

Is this improper?
A buddy shares how his boyfriend refuses to throw away an ex-lover's semen-encrusted cum rag. He has caught his boyfriend sniffing the cum rag while jerking off.

Your vote:

  1. Sniffing spent cum isn't the same as cheating. The cum rag is a sexy j/o tool—nothing to be jealous over.
  2. Keeping a ex's cum rag is evidence of a lingering attachment. It's a bad sign.