Mansex often skirts around taboo issues. How far is too far? When is the line crossed? Buddies often share their red hot gray area experiences with Your Bearded Confidant. Why not add your two cents and judge whether these scenarios are out of bounds:

Is this incest?
A buddy shares how he gets off with his brother: They stand face to face, cock to cock. Each brother jerks his own dick. Whoever ejaculates first aims his cumshot onto his brother's hardon, and the jizz acts as lube to trigger the second orgasm. Note that the brothers never touch one another's bodies during their jerk off sessions. But they do splash each other with cum.

Your vote:
  1. It's not incest if there's no physical touching.
  2. Jerking off is sexual but doesn't amount to "having sex" and so isn't incest.
  3. Jerking off together is a universal phenomenon and shouldn't be taboo.
  4. Getting splashed by your brother's cum counts as incest.
  5. If two or more brothers' dicks are out and spurting off, it's incest.

Is this cheating?
A buddy shares how he walked in on his boyfriend committing some hanky panky with another man. His boyfriend was sitting on a sofa, fully clothed, with the other man lying naked across his lap. His boyfriend was massaging the chest and tweaking the nipples of the naked man as the naked man jerked off. His boyfriend insisted that the session didn't qualify as "cheating."

Your vote:
  1. If you have a naked stranger in your lap, it's cheating.
  2. A chest massage may be erotic, but it's not an act of infidelity.
  3. Tweaking a man's tits while he masturbates is a sex act, and it's cheating.
  4. Both men would need to be naked for this scenario to cross the line.
  5. If he had licked the cum off the naked man's chest then it would have been cheating.

Is this rape?
A buddy shares how his boyfriend likes to sneak up on him, tackle him to the floor, rip off his pants, and hold his mouth closed while buttfucking him. Our buddy admits that he doesn't resist these attacks.

Your vote:

  1. If it's not consensual sex, it's rape, plain and simple.
  2. When two boyfriends play out a forced sex fantasy, it's not rape.
  3. The sneak attack takes this scenario out of a forced-sex fantasy and into rape territory, whether or not the bottom man resists.