In honor of Halloween, let's take a glance at the phenomenon of "phantom threeways."  They're not as spooky as they sound — unless you're afraid of a third penis showing up in a two-man encounter (and who wouldn't want more cock?)  You see, sometimes Your Bearded Confidant will be enjoying a photo spread of two hot guys in action, and all of a sudden there will appear what looks like a surprise threesome.  Sometimes the third man is an optical illusion due to a double exposure of the film:

In the example above, there are really only two guys spraying each other with cum (see full photo set), but the top man moved around after he ejaculated and by courtesy of a camera snafu got his dick in the frame twice.

Sometimes a phantom threeway occurs due when strange camera angles combine with limber lovers.  In the example below, the face watching the blowjob is actually of the man getting sucked:

Sometimes a phantom threeway is all done with mirrors.  There is no third guy in the session below, just the reflection of the guy getting licked clean:

Brenden & Ryan Connors by Jizz Addiction
Brenden & Ryan Connors (Jizz Addiction)

Hey, it's no wonder that men so often find themselves in orgies.  Even sexless, emotionless cameras are imagining more men in the room than are actually there.  If a camera had a dick, just imagine how amazing erotic photography would be!