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One Reason For Trading Monogamy For an Open Relationship

 tags: Ejaculation

We heard from a hot couple who had an interesting reason for suddenly choosing an open relationship after several years of strict monogamy.  The bottom man needed to be so very, very thoroughly fucked that the top man couldn't handle it by himself.  In other words, the bottom man needed more cum down his throat and up his ass than any one top's balls could physically manufacture.  And the top man so genuinely wanted his bottom to be properly fucked that in the end he couldn't feel jealous about other men's jizz.  In fact, he actively helped recruit other men to fuck his partner, using a number of gay hookup apps and cruising websites.  The goal was for the bottom man to take an average of one load of cum per hour, for a minimum total of 16 fuckings per day.  Their ideal was actually twice that amount: two loads an hour, with one being oral and the other anal.  The top man said that he takes tremendous comfort when he personally mounts his partner and his cock slides through another man's jizz, because he knows that his bottom is finally being properly creamed.

I Don't Have a Name For My Penis, Because ...

 tags: Cocks, Hairy Men, Humor

No, I don't have a name for my penis.  It doesn't listen anyway.
—Alex Baze

My Doctor Says My Balls Taste Normal Again!

 tags: Humor, Rob Huebel, Testicles

My doctor says my balls taste normal again!
—the lip-smacking Rob Huebel

Sometimes All You Need ...

 tags: Here's What It Looks Like, Humor, Rob Huebel

By the way, though used copies of our outrageous collection of sperm terms are listed on Amazon for $1,674 (no kidding), it's just three bucks on Kindle.

Meanwhile ...

"Sometimes all you need is a stranger to drive by and flip you off to remind you of the beauty of each moment and that we're ALL ONE."
—the flippin' Rob Huebel

What's Your Motto? #20

 tags: Tattoos

As we saw in Part 19, some studs are so dedicated to their personal mottoes that they have the words tattooed onto their naked flesh.  Here are some more from our archives:

"Aut inveniam viam aut faciam" (Latin for "I shall either find a way or make one"):

"Dream Boy":

"Only God knows":

"Live only once":

"I love my life":

"Laugh now / cry later":

"Be the change you wish to see in the world":

"Everything happens 4 a reason":

"A gyáva nap mint nap meghal, a bátor csak egyszer" (The coward dies every day, the brave only once":

"Forgive and forget":

"Like a prayer":

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger":

"I am the circle and the circle is me":

"Live as if you'll live forever; live as if you'll die today":

"No regrets, just love":

"Psalm 31:14" (My future is in your hands. Rescue me from my enemies, from those who persecute me.)

"Only the strong survive" and "Forgiven":

"Be proud but never satisfied":

"Porn Star":

"Loyalty, trust, respect":