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How Some Men Play Cards

 tags: Here's What It Looks Like, Humor, Oral Sex

Some people play their cards close to their chest. I'm standing naked at the table.
—the winning Dan Guteman

You Empty The Dishwasher While ...

 tags: Cocks, Here's What It Looks Like, Humor, Rob Huebel, Testicles

"You empty the dishwasher while I empty my ballsacks."
—the ever-spurting Rob Huebel

Shameful Sex Acts

 tags: Red Hot Gray Areas

What are your thoughts on shameful sex acts?  Should there be things a man desires and does that are too dirty to admit to any third party?  It seems like a great thing that homosexuals are mainstreaming themselves, but could it be at the cost of missing out on the best sex?  John Waters famously said, "I thank God I was raised Catholic, so sex will always be dirty."  It's like the sinful pleasure of treating oneself to a rich dessert -- if tomorrow doctors say that high-carb sweets are actually good for you, what would be the fun anymore?  Don't the guilt and shame ensure the pleasure?  This question came up today because I've trained my lover to be a very nasty piss slut, and I was telling him my fantasy of hearing him confess to all his friends and closest family members that he has voluntarily become my personal toilet and that he guzzles all of my piss all day long.  But my lover said he'd have no problem making such a confession to everyone he knows because he's not ashamed of being a toilet.  I got to thinking: why /isn't/ he ashamed of something so perfectly degrading?  To volunteer one's mouth as a urinal is beyond the gutter -- it's sewer deep.  It's beautiful in the sense that my lover has embraced his lowest, utterly uncivilized self and has obliterated his ego so as to accept the basest humiliations.  But to be unashamed is tantamount to being proud, and with pride the ego comes right back into the equation.  All this has me thinking that I need to subject my lover to even more degrading sex -- something so embarrassing that he wouldn't dream of announcing it to his friends and family, even if he secretly got off on the indignity of the act.  Gay sex is now so out of the closet that taboos are harder and harder to accomplish.  For example, a comedy sketch on British television last year made explicit reference to a fraternity circle jerk and the greedy devouring of the soggy biscuit, and I felt outraged because some things need to remain secret knowledge of the inner sanctum of a special group.  The average heterosexual British television watcher doesn't need to know and indeed /shouldn't/ know the dirtiest details of what young men do to each other during hazing rituals.  If circle jerks and soggy biscuits become mainstream, then what does the fraternity come up with next?  Something harder core, surely, which will be fantastic, if only liberal open-mindedness doesn't drain the new act of its controversy.  Forcing a pledge to swallow the combined spunk of an entire frat house isn't supposed to be wholesome and appropriate for family television entertainment.  It's supposed to be degrading -- something secret between the frat brothers and for the pledge to confess in confidence to his therapist and his priest.  I suppose my only conclusion is that if my lover would freely announce his piss addiction to his dearest friends and family then I'm doing something wrong.  Does gay sex need more shame, and if so, how?

Making Love is Like Sex, Only ...

 tags: Here's What It Looks Like, Humor, Romance

Making love is like sex, only slower.
—Seb Bance

What Do You Call ...

 tags: Here's What It Looks Like, Humor, Ways to Jack Off

You know that frozen soda drinks are called "slushies."  What does an avid watersports guzzler call a frozen piss drink?  A "flushie."

Meanwhile ...

"The only thing that's important in a relationship is watching the same TV shows."
—Gary Janetti